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Publication numberWO2006113521 A3
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/US2006/014228
Publication date26 Jul 2007
Filing date13 Apr 2006
Priority date13 Apr 2005
Also published asCA2604498A1, CA2604498C, CA2718306A1, CA2718306C, CN101189431A, CN101189431B, EP1877662A2, EP1877662A4, US7922458, US7993108, US7993109, US8029245, US8029250, US8047812, US20050238503, US20090105648, US20090105649, US20090112156, US20090112165, US20090163869, US20120083730, WO2006113521A2
Publication numberPCT/2006/14228, PCT/US/2006/014228, PCT/US/2006/14228, PCT/US/6/014228, PCT/US/6/14228, PCT/US2006/014228, PCT/US2006/14228, PCT/US2006014228, PCT/US200614228, PCT/US6/014228, PCT/US6/14228, PCT/US6014228, PCT/US614228, WO 2006/113521 A3, WO 2006113521 A3, WO 2006113521A3, WO-A3-2006113521, WO2006/113521A3, WO2006113521 A3, WO2006113521A3
InventorsIii Arthur E Anderson, Christopher V Reggiardo, Benjamin M Rush
ApplicantIii Arthur E Anderson, Christopher V Reggiardo, Benjamin M Rush, Therasense Inc
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Variable volume, shape memory actuated insulin dispensing pump
WO 2006113521 A3
A portable pumping system provides insulin or other drugs to a user. A shape memory element is used to actuate the pump and an intelligent system controls the actuator in order to minimize stresses within the system and provide accurate and reliable dosage delivery. The control system utilizes various types of feedback to monitor and optimize the position of the pumping mechanisms. Physical design aspects also minimize stress and the combination of the physical design aspects and the intelligent operation of the system results in a lightweight and cost effective pump that may be used in a disposable fashion if desired.
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