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Publication numberWO1992008188 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/JP1991/001496
Publication date14 May 1992
Filing date1 Nov 1991
Priority date2 Nov 1990
Publication numberPCT/1991/1496, PCT/JP/1991/001496, PCT/JP/1991/01496, PCT/JP/91/001496, PCT/JP/91/01496, PCT/JP1991/001496, PCT/JP1991/01496, PCT/JP1991001496, PCT/JP199101496, PCT/JP91/001496, PCT/JP91/01496, PCT/JP91001496, PCT/JP9101496, WO 1992/008188 A1, WO 1992008188 A1, WO 1992008188A1, WO 9208188 A1, WO 9208188A1, WO-A1-1992008188, WO-A1-9208188, WO1992/008188A1, WO1992008188 A1, WO1992008188A1, WO9208188 A1, WO9208188A1
InventorsHidenori Nagao
ApplicantSeiko Epson Corporation
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Semiconductor device
WO 1992008188 A1
A semiconductor device capable of easily processing data different in length, and an electronic arrangement incorporating the semiconductor device. The semiconductor device comprises input means for fetching unpacked input data, a register having a flag to be set at the processing of unpacked data, and an ALU capable of processing data, different in length. When the flag is set to the above register and the current instruction indicates the processing of short-length data, the ALU processes data having half the length of the input data and sets a carry signal for high-order bits of the data to a carry flag. For example, even when the ALU has the function to process 16- and 8-bit data, it is able to process 4-bit data when the 8-bit data processing is selected and an unpacking flag is set.
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International ClassificationG06F7/57
Cooperative ClassificationG06F7/57, G06F2207/3816
European ClassificationG06F7/57
Legal Events
14 May 1992AKDesignated states
Kind code of ref document: A1
Designated state(s): JP KR US