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Publication numberUS781056 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date31 Jan 1905
Filing date18 May 1904
Priority date18 May 1904
Publication numberUS 781056 A, US 781056A, US-A-781056, US781056 A, US781056A
InventorsSignora H Duncan
Original AssigneeSignora H Duncan
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US 781056 A
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N. 731,056; PATENTEDJAN, 31,1905.

' s. H; DUNCAN;Y


, UNITED STATES Patented January 31, 1905.



SPECIFICATION`forming part of Letters Patent No. 781,056, dated January Application iiled May 18, 1904. Serial No. 208,604.

To all 11171/0717, t may concern:

Be itknown that I, SIGNORA H. DUNCAN, a

, citizen of the United States, residing at Nashville, in the county of Davidson and State of Tennessee, have invented la new and kuseful Safety-Purse, of which the following is a specilication.

. This invention relates 'to purses or receptacles for the Safe keeping of valuablesupou the person, and has for its object to improve the construction and produce a'device of this character simple in arrangement, easily applied,

. and which will be readily accessible without removal from the person.

Another object of this invention is to produce a device of this character attachable to one of the limbs at a joint therein, preferably the knees, whereby the natural protuberance of the joint will assist in retaining the device in position. t f

Writh these and other objects in view,which wiil appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, the same consists in certain novel features of construction,'as hereinafter fully described and claimed.

Inthe accompanying drawings, forming a part of this speciiication, and in which corresponding parts are denoted by like designating characters, is illustrated the preferred form of the embodiment ofthe invention capable of carrying the sameinto practical operation, it being understood thatthe invention is not necessarily limited thereto, as various changes in the shape, proportions, and general assembiage of the parts may be resorted to without departing from the principle of the' invention or sacrificing any of its advantages, and 'the right is therefore reserved of making all the changes andl modifications which fairly fall within the scope of the invention and the claims made therefor.

In the drawings thus employed, Figure 1 is 'a view of a limb with the improveddevice applied. Fig. 2 is an enlarged perspective view of the improved purse detached.`

The improved purse comprises two receptacles (represented as a whole, respectively, at 10 11) of elongated shape and united at their adjacent corners 12 13, each receptacle open along one side and with the open sides covered, respectively, by foldable iiaps` 14 15, se-

cured as by snap-buttons or other fastenings The open side of the receptacles will be upon the same sideof the receptaclesor with the open side of the receptacle 11 next' to the .closed side of the receptacle 10. l

The receptacle 10 is designed for holding` ,bank-bills, folded papers, and the like, and to facilitate the placing in or removal from the same the ends will be left partially open, as at 18 19.

The receptacle 11 is designed for holding coins, jewelry, and the like and is divided into pockets" by transversely uniting the front and rear portions at suitable intervals, as indicated at 20.

The receptacle 10 11 will benprovided, respectively, with holding-straps 21 22, preferably of elastic material, and adjustable `as by buckles 23 24, if required.

A device thus constructed is readily attachable to one of the limbs, preferably at the knee-joint, with the receptacle at opposite sides of the joint 25 of the limb shown, so that the natural protuberance of the joint will pro- 4ject between the receptacles and effectually prevent displacement.

The .device thus applied will not interfere i with the natural movements of the limb and will not be displaced thereby no matter how 4 violent they maybe, as the yielding holdingstraps coacting with the protuberance of the joint will cause the device to automatically adapt itself to all changes of position of the wearer.

-The device may be constructed of any suitable material or materials and of any required size and form and may be divided into as accessible without removing the device from the person.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed isk 1. As a new article, a safety-purse compris- IOO ing two receptacles united at their adjacent corners and having independent means for fastening to a limb upon opposite sides of the joint whereby the protrusion of the joint eX- tending between the unconnected portions of the receptacles prevents their displacement.

Q. As a new article, a safety-purse comprising two receptacles united at their adjacent corners and having independent means for yieldably fastening to a limb upon opposite sides of the joint, whereby the protrusion of the joint extending between the unconnected' portions of the receptacles prevents their displacement, and the yieldable fastening means permits the free movements of the limbs.

3. As a new article, a safety-purse comprising a receptacle formed with a longitudinal compartment partially closed at the ends and with a longitudinal iiap for extension over the open side and open portions of the ends of said compartment and having means thereon Jfor attachment around a limb at one side of a joint, in combination with a receptacle connected by its adjacent corners to the corners of said first-mentioned receptacle and having means for attachment to the opposite side olE the joint.

4. As a new article, a safety-purse comprising a receptacle formed with a longitudinal compartment partially closed at the ends and J. B. MCMAHAN, H. C. Moons.

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