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Publication numberUS3409184 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date5 Nov 1968
Filing date15 Dec 1966
Priority date15 Dec 1966
Publication numberUS 3409184 A, US 3409184A, US-A-3409184, US3409184 A, US3409184A
InventorsJr Edward J Stengle
Original AssigneeOwens Illinois Inc
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Liquid dispensing device
US 3409184 A
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Nov. 5, 1968 E. J. STENGLE, JR 3,409,184

LIQUID DISPENSING DEVICE Filed Dec. 15, 1966 AT TORNE'Y5 fl wd Sta e Pe e ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Apump-type liquid dispenser positiona-blein av bottle and comprising a bellows-like cylindrical side-wall which is collapsible axially, such cylinder having one end open in the main and formed with a plurality of transverse ports adjacent'said end, the opposed end being closedby a rigid wall carrying an axial dispensing tube opening throughthe latter into the cylinder, such tube intended to project through the bottle neck and manually actuated the collapse of the cylindrical side-wall only, against the bottom of the bottle, thus entrapping a measured amount of liquid in the cylinder for discharge through the tube when the cylinder is collapsed.

My invention relates to devices for dispensing liquid products, such as foods, chemicals, proprietary and household products which are packaged in glass, plastic or other containers.

An important object of my invention is the provision of a simple, effective, liquid dispenser, especially adapted for use with either narrow-neck or wide-mouth bottles, or suchv containers and capable of delivering or dispensing measured quantitiesof liquid with each operation of the dispenser.

Another object of my invention is the provision of a liquid dispensing devicecomprising a collapsible cylindrical bellows-like.- pump connected to a discharge tube and communicating with the interior of a bottle which houses such pump,.to the end that liquid in an amount to fill the chamber is entrapped therein and then discharged through the tube in response to actuation 'of the pump.

It is also an object of my invention to provide a novel liquid dispenser embodying an axially collapsible cup-like chamber which functions both as adispenser and means for predetermining the quantity-of liquid dispensed with each operation of the device. 1

Other objects will be in pointed out hereinafter.

In the accompanying drawings forming a part of my application:

FIG. 1 is a sectional elevational view showing my liquid dispenser assembled with a narrow-neck bottle.

FIG. 2 is a sectional plan view taken substantially along the plane of line 22 of FIG. 3.

FIG. 3 is an enlarged sectional view of the bellows-type pump shown in elevation in FIG. 1.

In the illustrated embodiment of my invention it is assembled with a bottle comprising a body 10, bottom wall 11 and adiametrically reduced, externally screw-threaded neck 12-,defining a mouth 13. A closure oap C including a threaded attaching skirt 14 and panel 15, or top portion, .is telescoped over and threaded onto the neck 12. This panel is formed with an internal axial guide sleeve 16 of about the same length as the attaching skirt to slidingly accommodate an element of my dispensing device as will become apparent hereinafter.

The dispensing device comprises a bellows-like cylinder pump 17 preferably formed of a' plastic'matenal such aspolyethylene and including a cylindrical bellows part apparent and in part portion 18 having an open lower end 19 and a relative heavy rigid transverse wall 20 closing its upper end. The open lower end 19 is defined by a downwardly outwardly flared wall-section 21, The outside diameter of which may be somewhat greater thanthat of the cylinder proper.

Additionally, this wall-section 21 is provided with a plurality of ports 22 or apertures, which, as is evident permit flow of liquid from the bottle into thepump 17, from which it is discharged through a relatively rigid tube 23 incident to axial compression or collapse of the bellows portion 18. The capacity of this bellows portion 18, as is evident, predetermines the quantity of liquid dispensed with each operation. The end use will determine its size or capacity.

Compression or axial collapse of the bellows portion -18 is effected by means of the relatively rigid tube 23 which, as indicated above is also the liquid discharge tube. This tube may be either polyethylene or polypropylene. It is disposed coaxially with both the closure cap C. and the pump 17. This tube extends throughthe aforementioned guide sleeve 16 and has its lower end secured to the pump, as by threading it in a collar 24 on the rigid top wall 20. The end of this tube above the closure cap C may be generally inverted U-shape providing a handle portion 25 affording easy manipulation of the pump. It also includes a spout 26 which is closable by a snap cap 27 or the like. In lieu of the conventional spout the opening of 'course may be such as to permit use of the device in spray application of the liquid dispensed. A thickened portion 28, or button at the first bend of the tube permits actuation of the device merely by thumb pressure on this button. If preferred, the exposed section of the tube may well be initially a separate part which later is secured to the straight section. At the free inner end of the guide sleeve 16 is a ring gasket 29 or collar which encircles, 'and by a shrink fit, is securely affixed to the tube :for the purpose of holding the latter against undesired displacement.

It will be apparent that with the parts positioned as shown in FIG. 1 liquid will flow readily into the pump by way of the apertures 22 or ports and fill the cylinder and the tube to the level of liquid in the bottle proper. Incident to downward axial pressure upon the tube 23 the bellows portion is compressed, resulting in flow of liquid from the pump to the spout 26. Almost concurrently with initial downward movement of the tube 23 the wall-section 21 (FIG. 3) flattens out against the bottom wall 11 of the container, thus both closing the ports 22 and effectively sealing this section 21 against the container bottom to insure eifective liquid discharge. As explained above, the spout 26 may be designed for either stream flow or spray, application. Also, the pump will be selected according to the specific liquid involved, that is, the size and capacity and therefore the quantity of liquid dispensed with each operation will be determined by the particular kind of liquid being handled.

Modifications may be resorted to within the spirit and scope of the appended claim.

I claim:

1. In combination, a container embodying body and neck portions with the neck defining a mouth, there being a bottom wallbelow said neck portion, a closure cap alfixed to the neck portion and having an axial opening therethrough, and a liquid dispensing device comprising a bellows-like axially collapsible cylinder formed of a resilient plastic material and having an open end normally resting upon said bottom wall coaxially with the opening in the closure cap, a relatively rigid wall closing the upper end'of the cylinder and a relatively rigid axially re ciprocable tube communicating with the, cylinder interior through an opening in said rigid wall, said tube being secured to said wall and extending outwardly through the opening in the closure cap, and means whereby liquid in the container may flow into the cylinder, the last named means being an apertured downwardly flared wall section defining the open end of the cylinder, said flared wall section being of greater outside diameter than the cylinder proper and adapted to lie fiat against the container bottom wall when the cylinder is collapsed thereby to close the apertures. V a I 2,283,414 5/1942 Cooper et a1 222-385 X 2,702,147 2/1955 Brown 222321 X 3,124,275 3/ 1964 Lake' 222-321 X FOREIGN PATENTS 1,129,718 7 9/1956 France.f r

10 ROBERT B. REEVES, Primary Examiner.

N. L. STACK, Assistant Examiner.

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