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Publication numberUS32514 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date11 Jun 1861
Publication numberUS 32514 A, US 32514A, US-A-32514, US32514 A, US32514A
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US 32514 A
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' UNITED A S N OFFICE nfrrNfNiaeAnANn .whonupriaorhnti roR NYY,


3 1 specificatio of; Letters Patent Nassau, ldated Ju iie t, 1861.

To all whom itmwy con cern. M l

Be itknownwthat we,.R.[FINNEeAN and A. F. SGHULTE, of the city, county, and

State of New York, have invented certain new, and useful Improvements in Pressure- Gages; and we do hereby declarethat the following is a jfull,ClG21I,\ and exact description of the same, reference being had tothe accompanying drawings, forming part of this I specification, in which I Figure 1, 1s a. front view of the working parts of a gage with our improvements. Fig. 2, is a section of the same in the plane indicated by the red line in Fig.1.

Similar letters ofreiierence indicatecor: res onding parts in both figures.

. ur invention relates to that; olassof pressure gages in which the pressure of the steam or other fluid is received on a flexible plate.

It consists in the combination for the pur pose of transmittingithe movements of the plate to. the index of a lever andga screwed or spirally grooved spindle applied as hereinafter specified. Y p Q h It also consists in a certainmode of providing for the movement of thelever to ad'- just or correct the ga e.

To enable others skilled iIlQlZlIG art to make and use our invention we will proceed to describe its construction and operation. I

A, represents aportion of the back of the box or case of the gage to which the flexible plate B, isseoured by a ring G, and screws 1 a a. l V I D, isa straight slotted bar, placed across the front of the ringC, and secured firmly thereto by screws 6, Z2.

E, is a block fitted to the $101; 0, of the bar D, and having pivoted toit by a fulcrum pin (Z, the lever F, which extends across the center of the plate B, and bears against a small stud e, secured to the centerof the said plate.

G, is a socket secured to the barD, and standing at right angles thereto, and to the plateB, and constituting the bearingfor the spindle H, of the index 9. This spindle has in it a spiral groove 7", which receives the point of a screw or pin h, inserted through one side of the socket G. The efiect of this pin it, .is to cause the spindle to receive a rotary motion hythe application of pressure in an endwise direction, and to receive 1 contact with the flexible plate, as it h and keep its rear end-always in contact with the lever F. When the pressure on the back and front of the plate B, is uniform, the spring 2', by its action on the. spindle H,

= keeps the index at the zero point on the 5 scaleof the gage, which is not represented in the drawing, but when the pressure on I l the back exceeds more or less that in front, I

the plate B, is pressedforward more or less I and by the consequentpresjsure of the stud 0 against the lever, the leveris madeto press against thespindle H, and so to turn l the said spindle and the index and the latter indicates the degree of excess of pressure upon the scale of the gage. By .the combinationofthe spirally grooved spindle I-I, and lever F, a greater movement of i. the index is obtained with a given movement of the flexible plate than canfbe obtained f thespirally grooved spindle is in immedl some gages, and the said spindle consti a more simplemode of combining with the index than is employedin gages in which, the flexible plateacts tip the index through the medium of a lever;

I, is a screw arranged parallel with th bar D, and screwing through the block This screw has its shank fitted toturnli fixed bearing is, attached to or formed up the bar D, and provided with shoulders which prevent its moving longitudinally in the said bearing. By turning the said screw by a key applied to a square Z, on its outer I end it is made to move the block E, in the 3 slot 0, of the bar D, and so to vary the distan'ce between the fulcrum I (Z, of thee lever F,

and the stud e, and hence to make the fiexure of the plate B, act with greater or less efi'ect upon the index. Thesaid screw I, thus constitutes a means of adjustment or correction of the gage. In order to facilitate the accurate adjustment or correction, the spindle of the said screw I, has formed upon it a worm Z, which gears with a wheel m, on a spindle n, which works in a fixed bearing carried by the bar D, and on this spindle there is an index p, to indicate on a fixed scale (not shown) the amount of movement given to the screw.

The gage constructed as herein specified crum of the lever F, and the screw I, applied is applicable for steam, hydrostatic or any in combination With the slotted bar D, or

. other fluid pressure, or for Vacuum. its equivalent and operating substantially as What We claim as our invention, and deherein specified for the adjustment or cor- 15 5 sue to secure lloy Letter; Patent; isrection of the gage. 1. The emp oyment or transmitting the v movements of the flexible plate B, to the V K Q index 9, of a lever F, and spirally grooved spindle H, combined and applied substan- Witnesses: 10 tially as herein specified. LEWIS A. TUCKER, 2. The movable block E,"carrying the ful- M. M. LIVINGSTON.

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