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Publication numberUS2877893 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date17 Mar 1959
Filing date16 Apr 1957
Priority date16 Apr 1957
Publication numberUS 2877893 A, US 2877893A, US-A-2877893, US2877893 A, US2877893A
InventorsLloyd I Volckening, John R O'meara, Frank J Lefebvre
Original AssigneeIvers Lee Co
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Package with removable indiciabearing sheet
US 2877893 A
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March 17, 1959 LvoLcKENlNG ET A'. 2,377,893

v PACKAGE WITH REMOVABLE INDICIA-BEARING SHEET Filed April 16, 1957 4 Sheets-Sheei 1 Bgfll- @j ff ATTaRNfL March 7, 1959 L. voLcKENlNG ETAL 2,877,893

PACKAGE WITH REMOVABLE INDICIA-BEARING SHEET Filed April 16, 15'35"?- 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 Fertilizer an extr G dfme p t March 17, 1959 L. l. voLcKx-:NlNG ETAL A 2,877,893 A PACKAGE WITH REMOVABLE INDICIA-BEARING SHEET Filed April 1s, 1957 4 sheets-smet 5 A imm/'ff' March 17, 1959 L. i. VCJLCKENING ET AL 2,877,893

PACKAGE WITH REMOVABLE INDICIA-BEARING SHEET Filed April 16, 1957 4 Sheets-Sheet 4 wm @m -u www@ .m

www@ T lvdf M f .RJ JHM @mm L YF B PACKAGE WITH REMGVABLE INDICIA- BEARING SI-IEEI` Lloyd I. Volckening, Glen Ridge, John R. OMeara, North Caldwell, and Frank J, Lefebvre, Caldwell, N. ,Lysssignors to Ivers-Lee Company, Newark, N. J., a corporation of Delaware Application April 16, 1951, serial No. 653,105

1 claim. (ci. 20s- 47) 4This invention relates to packages for small articles such as tablets or for liquid, powder or paste, the package States Patent comprising in general an approximately iiatrectangular y bag, envelope or like container `formed of a plurality ot 4layers of sheet material sealed together with the cornmodity between them; and moreparticularly, the invention is directed toward a package of this type with which is associated a label, direction sheet, leaflet or the like bearing indicia or printed matter pertaining to thecontents of the package.

A prime object of the invention is to provide a package of this character which shall embody a novel and improved combination of a commodity-containing section and a novel pocket section having an indicia-bearing sheet which is held in the pocket against accidental displace.- ment but can be easily and quickly separated from the package. y

Another yobject is to provide such a package in which the pocket shall be formed in a novel and improved vmanner between layers of 'the packaging material vand into and from which the indicia-bearing sheet can be easily and quickly inserted and removed, respectively.

A further object is to provide a novel and improved construction for preventing accidental displacement or` removal of the indicia-bearing sheet from thepocket and at the same time permit easy and quick lmanual removal of said sheet from .the pocket.

A still further object is to provide a package of the character described which shall include a commoditybearing section yand a pocket section for `an indicia sheet Acombined in such a novel and improved k/mannerthatthe two sections can be severedfor separated lfrom eachother so that the two sections can be handled individually and independently of each other, for-example, ,a .doctor might hand the commodity-containing portion -to a patient vand retain the pocket portion with the indicia-bearing sheet enclosed, therein.

Other objects of the invention are to provide -a novel and improved combination and arrangement of sheets of packaging material for producing a package with such commodity-containing section and pocket section; and to obtain other advantages and results that will be brought out by the following description in conjunction with the l accompanying drawings in which Figure 1 is a front elevational view of a package having an indicia-bearing sheet removably disposed in a pocket;

Figure 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional viewapproxmately on the plane of the line 2``2 of Figure k1;

Figure 3 is a similar view on the plane ofthe line 43--131 of Figure l;

Figure 4 is an enlarged transverserverticaly sectional view approximately on the plane of the line* ofi.

Figure 1;

Figure 5 is a transverse sectional view on the plane of the line 5--5 of Figure l;

Figure 6 is a view similar to Figure 5 showing the man- VFigure is a :detached perspective view of one vtype of indicia-bearing sheet; y

Figure 8 is a similar view of a folded or booklet type of indicia-bearing sheet;

Figure 9 is a View similar to Figure L1 showinga modid form of the package;

Figure 10 is a 'view of the indicia-bearing sheet of Figure 9;

Figure l1 is an edge or side elevation. of the sheet shown in Figure 10;

Figure 12 is a fragmentarytransverse sectional view on the plane of the line 12-12of Figure 9;

Figure 13 is Aa fragmentary perspective view of three sheets of packaging material arranged Afor `production of vthe package of Figure 1 and before sealingof the'sheets together; i

Figure 14 is a similar view yof `the sheets arranged to produce the package of Figure 9;-

Figure 15 is a view similar to Figure 1 showing another modication of the invention;

Figure 16 is a fragmentary rear `elevational viewof the package as shown in Figure 15;.

Figure 17 is a 'fragmentary view of the package shown in Figure 15 with the commodity-containing section and thepocket section separated from `each other;

Figure 18 is a fragmentary elevation of the pocketrsection shown in vFigures 15 and 16 with the indicia-bearing sheet partially removed from the pocket;

Figure 19 is an enlarged fragmentary transverse sectional lView on the plane of the line 19-19 of Figure v16;

Figure 20 is a similar view onthe plane of the .line

i 20-20 ofFigure 18;

Figure 21 is a `front elevational view of another-'type of package embodying the invention;

Figure 22 is an enlarged fragmentarytransverse vertical sectional view on the plane of the line 22`22 of Figure 21;

Figure 23 is Va transverse vertical sectional view on the plane of the line 23--23 of Figure 21;

Figure 24 is a view similar to Figure 21 showing ,21nother type 0f package; and

Figure 25 is a view similar to Figure 23 onthe yplane of the line 25--25 of Figurec24.

Speciiicallydescribing the embodiment of the invention shown' in Figures l to 6- inclusive, the package comprises a commodity-containing section A and ,a pocket section B for an indicia-bearing sheet C such as a label, a direc tion sheet, a folder or a booklet bearing `printed matter pertaining to the contents of the commodity-containing section.

Conveniently, the package may be formedof three i strips Ior vsuitable packaging-material such as'cellop'hane,

` Pliolm or metal foilas shown in Figure 13,. Onesheet 1 jh'as a length and width correspondingtoy the .overall length and width of the combinedcommodity-containing section and pocket section; another sheet y2 vhas a length and width corresponding to the length and width of the pocket section while the length and width of the third sheet 3 corresponds to the length and width of the commodity-containing section. The ltwo sheets 2 and 3 are superimposed on the sheet 1 with their juxtaposed l edges in slightly spaced relation .to each other to provide ner of removing the indicia-bearing sheet from the pocket; l

a passage for the insertion and removal of the indiciabearing sheet into and from the pocket, respectively, as will be described. The sheets 2 and 3 are sealed -to theI u sheet 1, ypreferably thermoplastically, the two end marginal zones 3 and the outer longitudinal marginal zone i of the sheet being sealed to the lsheet 1 and the lsheet 3 being sealed to the sheet -1 in zones 5 that `form and bound commodity-containing compartments 6 'inwhich are articlessuch as tablets 7. -V Y l f The inner edge of the sheet 3that is juxtaposed to the inner edge of the sheet 2 is also sealed in zones 8 that are spaced apart from each. other so as to leave an unsealed zone 9. The inner edge of the sheet 2 between the sealed zones 3 is also unsealed and a space or slit 10 is left between the juxtaposed inner edges of the two sheets 2 and 3 through which the indicia-bearing sheet C may be inserted into the pocket 11 that is formed between the sheets 1 and 2. As shown, the length and width of the sheet C are somewhat less than the length and width of the pocket, and one longitudinal edge of the sheet C has a laterally projecting tongue 12 that normally is inserted between the sheet 1 and the unsealed zone 9 of the sheet 3 as shown in Figures l to 5 inclusive. With this construction, the sheet C is positively held against accidental displacement from the pocket but can be easily removed from the pocket by simply exing the package along the slit 10 and pulling the tongue 12 from beneath the zone 9 of the sheet 3 and thereafter grasping the tongue and the corresponding edge of the sheet between the thumb and index finger and pulling the sheet out of the pocket through the slit 10 as shown in Figure 6. The sheet can be inserted into the pocket simply by reversing these operations.

The commodity-containing section and the pocket section may be separated from each other easily and quickly by scoring the sheets 1 and 3 along a line in spaced and parallel relation to the slit 10 as indicated at 13 so that the sheets may be torn along said line when it is desired to separate the two sections. When they are separated, the two sections can be handled individually and the indicia-bearing sheet can be retained in the pocket 11. This wouldbe especially desirable for protecting the sheet and by forming the sheets of transparent material the indicia or printed matter on a sheet C could be read without removal of the sheet from the pocket.

It will be understood by those skilled in the art that instead of a single sheet containing indicia or printed matter as shown in Figures 1 to 6 inclusive, a folded sheet D or a booklet could be inserted into the package pocket.

A modication of the package is shown in Figures 9, l0, 1l, l2 and 14 where the package is formed of one large sheet 14 of material and three narrower complemental sheets 15, 16 and 17, sealed together to produce two spaced commodity-containing sections E with a pocket section F between them for an indicia-bearing sheet G. The sheets 15, 17 cooperate with the sheet 14 to form the commodity-containing sections E, while the sheet 16 cooperates with the sheet 14 to form the pocket section; and the inner edge portions of the sheets 15 and 17 that are juxtaposed to the corresponding edges of the sheet 16 are sealed to the sheet 14 as indicated at 18 in such a way as to leave unsealed zones 19 corresponding to the zone 9 of Figure l and slits 20 are provided between the said juxtaposed edges for insertion and re moval of the sheet G into and from the pocket. The sheet G has a tongue 21V projecting from each of its longitudinal edges to extend into the zones 19 between the sheet 14 and the sheets 15 and 17, respectively.

It will be observed that the sheet G may be passed through either slit 20, as desired, and that the tongues 21 will effectively prevent accidental displacement of the sheet from the pocket.

Figures l to 20 inclusive show another `form of the package which comprises a commodity-containing section H and a pocket section I which are formed by a single bottom sheet 21 corresponding to the sheet 1 and two top sheets 22 and 23 corresponding to the sheets 2 and 3, respectively. The sheets are sealed together to provide a pocket 24 between the sheets 21 and 22 and to form commodity-containing compartments 25 in the section H with the *inner juxtaposed edges of the sheets 22 and 23 providing a slit 24 between them for passage of the indicia-bearing sheet K. Y

In this form of the invention, the inner juxtaposed 4 edge portions of the sheets 22 and 23 are free and unsealed to the base sheet 21 throughout the major portion of their length as bestshown in Figure 15 and the sheet K is devoid of any tongues or other projections but has one edge thereof normally-underlying the unsealed edge portion 26 of the sheet 23 so that accidental dislocation of the sheet K from the pocket is prevented. It will be understood that to remove the sheet K, the package will be exed along the slit 24a and the adjacent `edge of the sheet will be pulled through the slit, after which the sheet may be slid in its own plane outwardly from the pocket through the slit.

If desired, a line of scoring 27 may be provided to permit easy separation of the two sections H and I.

By placing the scored line 27 in the unsealed zone 26, when the two sections are separated, the sheet K can be slidA out of the pocket` between the unsealed zone 26 and the bottom sheet 21 as shown in Figures 18 and 20 instead of through the slit 24.

Figures 21 to 23 inclusive show a type of package embodying the invention, the commodity-containing section L of which is formed to provide a single commodity compartment in which one or more articles such as capsules 28 can be packaged. The pocket section M and the indicia-bearing sheet N may be in general the same as the pocket section B and the sheet C, respectively. The package is formed of a main sheet 29 and two cornplemental sheets 30 and 31 that are sealed to the main sheet to form the commoditycontaining compartment and to form the pocket 32 and to provide the slit 33 corresponding to the slit 10 for passage of the sheet N into and out of the pocket.

Another type of package is shown in Figures 24 and 25 which is formed of a bottom sheet 34 and two com# plemental sheets 35 and 36 that are sealed to the sheet 34 to form the commodity-containing section O and pocket section P, respectively. In this form of the invention, the inner edge 37 of the sheet 36 is unsealed throughout its length between the end sealed zones 38, while the inner edge portion of the sheet 35 is sealed throughout its length at 39 with the two edges in approximately abutting relation as best shown in Figure 25. With this construction, the edge of the indicia-bearing sheet Q in the pocket between the sheets 34 and 36 is disposed in abutting relation to the edge of the sheet 35 so that accidental slipping of the sheet Q through the slit betweeen the edges of the sheets 35 and 36 is restrained, if not prevented. In order to remove the sheet Q from the pocket, it is merely necessary to bend the package along the juxtaposed edges of the sheets 35 and 36 and then grasp and pull all the thereby exposed edge of the sheet.

It will be noted that the mouth slit is formed at the edge of one of the packaging sheets or between the juxtaposed edges of the secondary sheets, for example, sheets 2 and 3. In all forms of the invention except that shown in Figures 24 and 25, the mouth slit is disposed intermediate the length of the pocket. Also, a portion of each pocket is formed between the main sheet and each of the secondary sheets and the mouth slit is disposed between said portions of the pocket or intermediate the length of the pocket. For example, in other words, a portion of the pocket 11 is formed between the main sheet 1 and the secondary sheet 2, while another portion of the pocket is formed between the main sheet 1 and the unsealed zone 9 of the secondary sheet 3; and a portion of the pocket 24 is formed between the main 'sheet 21 and the secondary sheet 22, while another portion of the pocket is formed between the main sheet 1 and the unsealed edge zone 26 of the secondary sheet 23. In both of these forms of the invention, the mouth slit is vdisposed between said pocket portions and intermediate the length of the pocket.

It is desirable in many instances to fold the package along a line parallel with the slit or mouth of the pocket senses and between said slit or mouth and the commoditycontaining section. Also, it is desirable that the mouth of the pocket open toward the commodity-containing section as shown in the drawings.

While we have shown and described several now preferred packages, it will be understood that this is primarly for the purpose of illustrating the principles of the invention and that the invention may be embodied in other types of packages constructed in diierent ways.

What we claim is:

A package comprising a main sheet of packaging material and two other sheets of packaging material in superposed relation to the same side of said main sheet, each of said two sheets having one edge in juxtaposed relation to an edge of the other, said two sheets being sealed to the main sheet and providing, respectively, a commodity-containing compartment and a pocket with a mouth slit between the said juxtaposed edges of the second-mentioned sheets, and a separate indicia-bearing sheet of a size and shape approximately corresponding to the pocket and insertable into and removable from said pocket through said mouth slit, the edge zone of the second-mentioned sheet of the commodity-containing compartment being unsealed to the main sheet along at least a portion of said edge zone, one edge portion of said indicia-bearing sheet being disposed along said mouth slit at the side thereof opposite said commodity-containing compartment and having a tongue projecting from said edge and insertable between said unsealed portion and said main sheet.

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