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Publication numberUS28225 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date8 May 1860
Publication numberUS 28225 A, US 28225A, US-A-28225, US28225 A, US28225A
InventorsE. H. Wheeler
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Improvement in apparatus for defecating cane-juice
US 28225 A
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E. H. WHEELER. Defecating Caneiluice.

Patented May 8, 1860,.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 28,225., dated May 8, 1860.

To aZZ whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, E. H. XVHEELER, of the city of New Orleans, in the parish of Orleans and State of Louisiana, have invented a new and useful improvement in the method of dis seminating sulphurous gas or sulphurous-acid gas in cane-juice for the purpose of bleaching, clarifying, and defecating the same; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description of the same, to wit:

The nature of my invention or improvement consists in a cistern, A, of convenient size. In the center of this cistern I place a vertical tube, B, communicating with and attached to a centrifugal drum or wheel, 0, which drum or wheel has openings on its periphery L. On the top of the vertical tube B I place an oil-joint, D, for the purpose of connecting the pipe E, which communicates with the retort G. At a short distance above the cover of the cistern A, I place a driving-pulley, F, to give motion to the vertical tube B. The pipe I is for the ingress of the cane-juice from the mill to the cistern A, and the pipe K is for the egress of the cane-juice from the cistern A. The pipe H, passing down into the retort G, is for the purpose of supplying only sufficient atmospheric air to the retort to support a slow combustion of sulphur placed therein.

Mode of operation: The cistern A being partly filled with cane-juice, a rotary motion is now communicated to the vertical tube B by the pulley F, the centrifugal drum or Wheel 0 is immediately emptied of its liquid contents, thereby producing avacuum and keeping up a steadyfiow of gas from the retort G and depositing it in the bottom of the cistern A, producing a perfect dissemination of the gas throughout the cane-juice in its passage from'the mill to the jlllOGlGOGlVBlS.

I do not claim as new the use of the centrifugal drum or wheel, or the retort in which the sulphur is burned, or the oil-joint connecting the same; but

What I do claim as new and useful is The combining these several agents, by which I produce a thorough and complete dissemination of the sulphurous gas or sulphurous-acid gas in the cane-juice.




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Cooperative ClassificationC13B20/06