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Publication numberUS2650444 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date1 Sep 1953
Filing date2 Oct 1948
Priority date2 Oct 1948
Publication numberUS 2650444 A, US 2650444A, US-A-2650444, US2650444 A, US2650444A
InventorsCox James V, Coyle Elliott R
Original AssigneeCoyle
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Display card holder
US 2650444 A
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Sept- 1, 1953 E. R. coYLE ErAL DISPLAY CARD HOLDER Filed oct. z, 1948 INI/E Patented Sept. 1, 195.3

DISPLAY CARD HOLDER Elliott R. Coyle, Mentor, Ohio, and James V. Cox, Ebenezer, N. Y.; said Cox assignor to said Coyle Application October 2, 1948, Serial No. 52,482

4 Claims. l

The present invention relates generally to devices for holding and carrying papers and similar thin, light articles and is more particularly concerned with a novel and very economical and useful holder or container for cards, hunting licenses and the like.

In some jurisdictions a hunter is required to display his license at all times while in the field. This is most conveniently done by attaching the license to the outside of the hunters coat or jacket in such a way as to expose the license to view and at the same time protect it from the weather and direct contact with tree branches and the like by which it might otherwise be damaged or destroyed. Special pocketed holders have been developed for this purpose and while they have met these general requirements, they left much to be desired from the standpoint of economy. Furthermore, these holders, because of the characteristics of the materials used in their construction and because of their design, are not as resistant to weather and as durable as desired and are conspicuous to game.

The display card holder device of our present invention is not only substantially less expensive to produce than the holders of the prior art, but also is more durable and not at all conspicuous to game, being non-reflective, and exposes the entire license to View While affording it more protection from wind, rain, etc., than said prior art holders. Furthermore, the present holders are substantially easier and more convenient to use than those heretofore known, but at the same time assure the retention of their contents as long as desired. And while the earlier devices have been subject to cracking and splitting, particularly in their windowed portions, the present devices are permanently exible and elastic and practically indestructible, being waterproof, non-inflammable and having surfaces which are snag-proof.'

These novel advantages and characteristics of our holders are attributable to their unique design and construction, as well as the manner in which separate pieces making up the present holders are secured together, and the materials employed in their production.

Other advantages of our holders will be apparent to those skilled in the art from the following detailed description of a preferred ernbodiment of this invention, reference being had to the drawings accompanying and forming a part of this specification in which Figure 1 is a front elevational view of one of the present holders;

Figure 2 is an edge or end view in elevation of the holder of Fig. 1;

Figure 3 is a fragmentary, sectional view taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 1;

(Cl. l-16) Figure 4 is a fragmentary, sectional view taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 1;

Figure 5 is a fragmentary, sectional view taken on line 5-5 of Fig. 1; and

Figure 6 is a perspective view of the holder of Fig. 1.

From these illustrations it will be apparent that, broadly speaking, a display card holder of this invention comprises two or possibly three sheets of transparent, elastomeric, waterproof material which are joined together along their edges to dene two pockets. One of these pockets is relatively shallow, opens upwardly and is disposed at the bottom of the holder; while the other is relatively deep and opens downwardly. The unsecured edge portion of one of the sheets, defining with an opposing portion of another sheet the opening of the larger pocket, overlaps and closes the opening in the shallow pocket. A third sheet is provided in the event that it is not desired to form the shallowpocket by folding the lower edge portion of the back sheet and securing together, in the Vicinityof the fold, the opposing edge surfaces of the sheet.

It will be seen further that more particularly and specically the illustrated holder includes a generally rectangular and thin back sheet II) having an upper portion defining a trapezoidal section II in which four equally spaced, transverse apertures I2 are provided for a purpose subsequently to be described. The lower portion of sheet I0 is folded along a line substantially at right angles to the sides, the portions of the sheet adjacent to the fold being bonded together and the edge portions of the folded section being secured to opposing side edges of the sheet in a similar manner to dene a shallow, waterproof pocket I5 opening upwardly of the sheet.

The holder also includes a generally rectangular and thin front sheet I8 having an upper trapezoidal section I9 provided with four transverse apertures 2U for registry with apertures I2. Sheet I8 is of the same shape and dimensions as sheet I0, except that it is shorter than sheet I0 so that in the assembly lower edge portion 2l of sheet I8 is disposed approximately opposite the bottom of pocket I5. Sheet I8 and sheet I0 are bonded together continuously along their two opposing side edges and between these edges at the bases of their trapezoidal sections whereby a second waterproof pocket 25, opening downwardly of the holder, is defined. The lower edge portion of sheet I8 is unsecured except at its side edges and, therefore, defines with opposing outside surface of folded-over portion of sheet I0, the opening of the deep pocket.

A pin or clasp, such as indicated in outline at C, may be provided to secure the holder to the clothing or tab attached to the clothing, the

clasp having a member extending through the registered apertures so that the holder is adequately supported and protected against accidental detachment and loss.

The license is carried in the holder, as indicated in outline at L in the several views, extending from the upper part of the deep pocket into the lower pocket and thus being doubly protected against accidental loss from the holder.

The bonding of the sheets, which are preferably of transparent, thermoplastic; elastomeric vinyl resin may be accomplished bymeansf pressure and heat, the resin serving as its own adhesive and the iinal article appearing and functioning as though it were of ,singlelpiece construction. If desired, however, this. .bondingmay be accomplished by means of suitable adhesive and in the event that. another plastic. resin material is used, such adhesive may be necessary to obtain the desired effect eitherV in addition to the application of heat or in lieu thereof.

From the .foregoing description it will be seen thatit is virtually impossible for water to reach thepockets of the present holder to damage or destroy, the contents thereof.A If, for instan:

the holder ,isworn in the normal position with.

the front sheet. facing outwardly as intended, rain striking the lholderruns 01T the bottoni edge and there is no. possibility that any of the water will penetratethe pockets. Alternatively, if the holder is worn in the reverse position, or ify it is worn withthe front sheet. facing outwardly and is blown upwardly so. that the lower portion is disposed above the clasp Y,and trapezoidal sections, water will run Off. theback sheet without ever. reaching the, opening of the larger pocketmuch less penetrating the holder and reaching the contents of the pockets. Finally, if,` through any unusual circumstance, rain should strike the lower edge of the sheet IS with the lower part o the holder disposed upwardly, drainage. of the water from the holder will occur on the, outside or" the sheet and there .will be no .penetration of water into 'the pockets because Lof .the engagement of the lower portion of sheet .ifi and folded pocket-defining portionloiV sheet l, as shown in Fig. 2 and more clearlyA in Fig. 3.

. Having thus described the present invention so that those skilled in the art may be able to understand andlpractice .the same, we state that what we desireto: secure by Letters Patent is defined in what is claimed.

What is claimed is:

l. A display card holder comprising a sheetof transparent, elastomeric and waterproof material having an edge, portion doubled over and integrally bonded to opposing portions of said sheet to deiineA a generally. rectangular and water-tight pocket opening upwardly of the holder, and` a second sheet of saidmaterial deiining with the iirst.` sheet a second generally rectangular and water-tight pocket opening downwardly of the holder, saidsecond sheet having an edge portion closing the opening of the rst pocketJ and denning with the said doubled-over portion the opening of the second pocket, and said doubled-over portion and second sheet having overlapping side edge portions secured together in an integral bond extending `upwardly of the holder from the lower edge portion of the said second sheet.

2. A display card holder comprising a sheet of transparent, `elastomeric andrwaterproof material having a portion .doubled over and integrally bonded alongits.edgesandadjacentto the fold to opposing portions of said sheet todene a gen- 4 erally rectangular and water-tight pocket on the front of the holder and opening upwardly of the holder, and a second sheet of said material defining with the rst sheet a second generally rectangular and water-tight pocket substantially deeper than the first pocket and opening downwardly of the holder, said second sheet having an edge portion closing the opening of the rst pocket and defining with the said doubled-over portion the opening of the second pocket, and said doubled-over portion and second sheet having overlapping side edge portions secured together in an integral bond extending upwardly of the holder from the lower edge portion of the said second sheet.

Vv3. A display cardholdercomprisingasheet,of transparent, elastomeric,,andwwaterproof ,mate-f rial, another sheet ofsaid material substantiallyv shorter than,but of. about the same width as the rst sheet and dening with, said nrst Vsheet ay generally rectangular end water-tight ,pocket opening upwardly ef the holder, and a thirdvsheet of said material dening with the nrst sheet a second generally rectangular and water-tight pocket opening downwardly ofthe holder, said' second pocket closing the opening of thelrst pocket and deningwith the second sheet' the opening of the second pocket, said first and sec-v ond sheets being securedtogether bya substantially continuous bond extending along theV side and bottom edge portionsof the second sheet, said nrst and third sheets being secured together by a substantially continuous bond extending along' the side and top edge` portions of Athe third sheet, and said second and thirdsheetshaving overlapping portions secured together in an integrall bond extending upwardly of the holder from the lower edge of the third sheet.v v Y 4. A display cardv holder having a rectangular back wall of transparent elastomeric waterproof material, a rectangular front wall portion sub-1 stantially shorter than said back wall and of said waterproof material and cooperating withk the back wall to form a generally rectangular pocket opening upwardly of the holder, said ,back and front wall portions being secured together by a substantially continuous integralbond. extending around the bottom. and side edge portions of the said front and back wall` portions, Aand a second rectangular front wall portion of said waterproof material cooperating with said back ,wall to `form, a second generally rectangular poclet opening downwardly of ther holder,v saidsecond pocket closing the opening oi the rst pocket and vdeiining` with the iirst iront walll portion theropening of. the second pocket and saidsecond front wall portion having an edge portion overlapping .an/edge portion of the first front wall portion and beingV secured thereto by an integral bond extending upwardly of the holder from' the lower `ledge por'- tion of the said second front wall portion.


lSayre Apr. 25, 1950

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