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Publication numberUS2232547 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date18 Feb 1941
Filing date26 Dec 1939
Priority date26 Dec 1939
Publication numberUS 2232547 A, US 2232547A, US-A-2232547, US2232547 A, US2232547A
InventorsMathias Robert W
Original AssigneeMathias Robert W
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Illusion apparatus
US 2232547 A
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Feb. 18, 1941. R w 'f ms 2,232,547

ILLUSION APPARATUS Filed Dec. 26, 1939 INVENTOR P049597 14/. M4 7/// 45 6M YM A .Q Q )1} ATTORNEY Patented Feb. 18, 1941 Q UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,232,547 ILLUSION APPARATUS Robert W. Mathias, Onancock, Va. Application December 26, 1939, Serial No. 311,039 1 Claim. (01. 272-13) This invention relates to illusion apparatus. the figure is reflected in the mirror 2'5, upwardly An object of this invention is to provide appato the prism 24, and reflected by the surface 25 ratus of the character described, including an of the latter through the lens 22. A person lookobject such as a globe provided with an opening ing through the opening 2|, will thus see the 5 into which a person can look and see a reduced image of the person 34 greatly reduced, and this 5 image of another'person performing behind the person will appear to be performing inside of apparatus, which appears to be performing inglobe. The person 34 may perform, and the side the globe, the image being reduced in size; person looking through the opening 2| sees the the apparatus further including a two way voice performance.

communicating system, so that the performer Means is provided to permit the performing m and the person looking through the opening, may person and the person looking through the opentalk to each other. ing to converse with one another. To this end,

A further object of this invention is to provide wall ll of the support I5 is formed with an opena compact and durable apparatus of the charing 4i! in which is mounted one end 4| of a two acter described, which shall be relatively inexway voice .communicating system. The other pensive to manufacture, and yet practical and end 42 is mounted within the booth ll.

efficient to a high degree in use. The person 34 may be illuminated by a lamp Other objects of this invention will in part be 50 mounted on a bracket 5| fixed to the inner obvious and in part hereinafter pointed out. side of the front wall 12 of the booth.

The invention accordingly consists in the fea- If desired, the mirror 26 may be replaced by 20 tures of construction, combinations of elements, an additional prism particularly for small disand arrangement of parts which will be exempliplays.

fled in the construction hereinafter described, and It will thus be seen that there is'provided a of which the scope of application will be indidevice in which the several objects of this in- 5 cated in the following claim. vention are archieved, and which is well adapted In the accompanying drawing, in which is to meet the conditions of practical use. shown one of the various possible illustrative em- As various possible embodiments might be bodiments of this invention, made of the above invention, and as various The single figure in the drawing, is an elevachanges might be made in the embodiment above 0 tional cross-sectional view of improved illusion set forth, it is to be understood that all matter 30 apparatus, embodying the invention. herein set forth or shown in the accompanying Referring now in detail to the drawing, Ill, drawing is to be interpreted as illustrative and designates apparatus embodying the invention. not in a limiting sense.

The same comprises a booth H having a front Having thus described my invention, I claim wall l2 and side walls l3. as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

Fixed to the front wall 12, is a support 15 Apparatus of the character described, comhaving a top wall l6 and a front wall l'l, parallel prising a booth having a front wall and side to the front wall I2. 0n the top wall I6 is a walls, and being formed with an opening, a lens spherical shaped member or globe l8, having a within said opening, a support fixed to the front neck l9 communicating with an opening 20 in wall, and having a horizontal wall and a Vertical said top wall. Said sphere I8 is formed with a wall, said horizontal wall being formed with an front lens opening 2 l, in which is mounted a reopening, a spherical member on said horizontal ducing lens 22. Within said sphere is a prism wall formed with a neck communicating with said 24, disposed opposite the lens 22, and having an last mentioned opening, an upwardly and forupwardly and forwardly inclined surface 25. wardly inclined mirror, disposed below said neck,

Within the support l5, and below the opening and forwardly of said lens, said spherical member 20,is amirror 26,1nclined rearwardly and downbeing formed with an opening at the front, a wardly. At the lower end of the mirror 26, is a. second lens within said last mentioned opening, horizontal wall 21. The wall I2 is formed with a a prism within said spherical member, and above lens opening 30, provided with a lens 3|, disposed said first mirror, and disposed rearwardly of said at the level of the mirror 26. second lens.

The person performing stands within the booth ROBERT W. MATHIAS. H, as indicated by the figure 34. The image of

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U.S. Classification472/63, 359/736
International ClassificationA63J15/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63J15/00
European ClassificationA63J15/00