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Publication numberUS1877919 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date20 Sep 1932
Filing date2 May 1931
Priority date2 May 1931
Publication numberUS 1877919 A, US 1877919A, US-A-1877919, US1877919 A, US1877919A
InventorsLivingston Ira W
Original AssigneeLivingston Ira W
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Name plate
US 1877919 A
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P 1932- w. LIVINGSTON 1,877,919

NAME PLATE Filed May 2, 1951 ATTORNEY Patented Sept. 20, 1932,

2;: STA

mew. LIVINGSTON; or nnrnenron'r; 01110 NAME Application filed May 2,

This invention, relates broadly to name I plates and the like, and it has for its primary A further object 1s to provide a device of the character mentioned comprising a mold-v ed glass panel having in its back a rectangu lar recess in which is seated an inscriptioncarrying member held firmly in place by a readily insertible and removable flexible backing of weather-proofmaterial which not only effectually'prevents access of moisture to the inscription, or to the material by which the latter is borne, but which requires the use of no'attaching clips or other form of device for maintaining it in place.

In describing the invention in detail, reference is herein had to the accompanying drawing, in which- 7 Figure 1 is a front elevation of the invention;

Figure 2 is a view of the same, partly in longitudinal section and partly in edge elevation; Q r

Figure 3 is a cross section on line 3-3, Fig. '1; i

Figure 4 is a partial rear face view and Figure 5 is a perspective view of the name or inscription carrying member or strip.

Referring to said drawing, 1 designates a flat panel of glass or other similar transpan ent material designed'for mounting upon a door orwall and having its opposite ends recessed, as at 2, for the reception of attaching screws.

Formed in the back of said panel and extending throughout the major portion of its length and breadth is a recess 3, preferably of rectangular form, having uniform depth throughout, and moreor less snugly mounted on the bottom of said recess is a holderor assembly strip 4 whereby is carried the name, title, or other inscription to bedisplayed, such nameor'other inscription-being composed of a plurality of letter-carrying plates PATTI,

P ATE 7 1931. serial. 534,474."

5, arranged in properly assembled relationor sequence.

riot j As shown, the assembly strip consists of a flat sheet of stiff 1 material, as light gauge sheet metal, having its upper and lower marginal edges bent forwardly to form hooklike flanges 4 thus'to provide oppositely disposed channels 6 in which the upper and lower edge portions of said-letter-carrying plates 5 are received and by which the latter, are held. Mounted within the recess 3 V ofthe panel '1 in forwardly-facing position,

as above described, the assembly strip 4 presents the plates 5 in the position wherein the 7 letters borne thereby are distinctly exposed to View through the transparent face 1 ofv the panel 1. The assembly strip 4 is maintained firmly in place within the recess 3 by means of a backing 7 which is closely fitted within said recess in seated relation to the rear face of said strip. Said backing is conible moisture-proof material, as a heavy grade of linoleum, or a composition of cork, rubber, or other similar'material. Cut to dimensions slightly exceeding those of the recess 3, a wedging force must beapplied to said backingv to effect insertion thereof within said recess, and such results in the edges of the backing being slightly bent in a rearstituted by a board-like strip of slightly flexv ward direction, as shown in Figs. 2 and 3.

Said edges assume frictional binding engagement with the defining walls of the recess, forming at all sidesof the backing close 'moisture and dust'proof joints for the protection of the plates 5. Thus, without the-use of clips or-other form of attaching device the backing serves to secure the assembly stripor holder 4 in place.

The portion of the panel 1 surrounding or opaque by sand-blastingv or etching the exposed surface of the back of said panel, as

shown in Fig. 4, or it may be by applying to said surface a coating of paint, a reflecting bordering the recess 3 is preferably rendered ornamentality and long life parts which otherwise might become injured by exposure being effectively shielded or protected through the use of the backing 7 What is claimed is A name plate including an integral glass body having a recess in its rear,a holder confcrmably fitted in the recess and having upper and lower flanges with free slde edges for receivlng 1nd1c1a bearing plates therein,

said flanges being engaged with the bottomwall of the recess, and a backing mounted in V v the recess and having frictional engagement with the bounding walls of the recess and being engaged with the rear face of the holder so as to retain the flanges thereof in firm engagement with the bottom wall of said recess.

In testimony whereof, I afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification40/618
International ClassificationG09F7/08, G09F7/02
Cooperative ClassificationG09F7/08
European ClassificationG09F7/08