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Publication numberUS1646299 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date18 Oct 1927
Filing date26 Dec 1924
Priority date26 Dec 1924
Publication numberUS 1646299 A, US 1646299A, US-A-1646299, US1646299 A, US1646299A
InventorsMandry Leo
Original AssigneeMandry Leo
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Steam jet for washing machines
US 1646299 A
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Oct. 18,1927. 1,646,299

L. MANDRY STEAM JET FOR WASHING MACHINES Filed Dec. 1924 Elnoe "fox Patented Oct. 18 1927.




Application filed December 26, 1924. Serial No. 758,303.

My said invention relates to a steam jet for use particularly in washing machines of the rotary cylinder type and'it is an object of the same to avoid unnecessary wear such as is common in machines of the type now in use In such machines it is customary to provide a combined device having an outlet for Water and an inlet'for steam,.such device being in the form of an ironcastin In the use of my improved washer I provitfe separate inlets and outlets for water which are separate and distinct from the steam inlet or inlets of the machine. In previous constructions the inner head of the combination device was made of cast iron which was soon eaten through by the steam partly because of the high temperature of the same. When this took place it was necessary to replace the head, otherwise the steamwould be forced through directly against the inner rotary cylinder so as to act on the wood of the cylinder in a circle about the same to cause decay of the cylinder wall.

Referring to the accompanying drawings which are made a part hereof and on which similar reference characters indicate similar parts,

Figure 1 is a fragmentary longitudinal section of the machine illustrating the steam jet in position, I K

Figure 2, aplan of the steam et, and

Figure 3, a central longitudinal section on the line 3-3 of Figure 2.

Inthe drawings reference character 1ndicates a portion of the stationary outer shell or cylinder of the machine which contains cleansing fluid such as water which may or may not be mixed with soap or other cleansing material. An inner cylinder 11 is supported for rotation within the outer shell,

and provision is made for circulating the water through the inner shell to cleanse the articles or materials placed therein. In a machine of the type particularly contemplated provision is also madefor forcing steam under pressure and at a high temperature into thewater in the shell so as to heat the water and create a circulation thereof.

My improved steam jet comprisesaa cylindrical or approximately cyl1ndr1cal body12 preferably tapering slightly toward its lower threaded end 13. on which is a nut 14. A head 15 rests on the inner face of the outer casing 10 and the nut 14 draws the head firmly into engagement w1th said casing so as to prevent leakage of water. A central The steam jet is preferably made of hi h tempered brass orbronze to resist heat wit out being burned up or decayed and is provided with a point at 18 extending down toward the main passage and from which the branch passages extend outward and upward so as to provide the effect of an outwardly flaring dome which shall somewhat check the velocity of the steam. The head 15 being relatively flat and the branch passages being approximatel horizontal at their outer ends the steam wil be divided equallyand will escape only into the water without contacting directly with the inner wall of the shell 10 or the outer wall of the cylinder 11. It will mix easily with the water and heat it to the desired temperature in a shorttime with a minimum consumption'of steam, and because-of the force with which it escapes will cause rapid circulation of the water.

It willbe obvious to those skilled in, the

art that various changes may be made in my device without departing from the spirit of the invention and therefore I do not limit myself to what is shown in the drawings and described in the specification but only as indicated in the appended claims.

Having thus fully described my said invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A steam jet comprising a substantially cylindrical longitudinally bored body having an enlarged substantiall thin flat head disposed substantially at rig 1t angles to the body, said head being provided with a plurality of passages having their inner ends communicating with the bore of the body and flaring outwardly so that steam passing through the passage will be discharged at a reduced pressure, substantially as set forth.

2. A steam jet comprising a body having an enlarged substantiall thin flat head disposed transvcrsely of tie same, said body being provided with a central steam passa e, and said head being provided w1th a p urality of steam passages having their inner ends communicating with the central steam passage and flaring outwardly so that steam passing from the body through the branch passages will be discharged at a reduced pressure laterall from said head, substantially as set fort 3. In a washing machine, an outer casing for holding cleansing fluid, an inner casing for holding materialto be cleansed, a steam 10 jet adjacent the bottom of the outer casing projecting inward] a slight distance beyond the inner surface 0 the outer casmg,sa1d jet and said branch passages fiarin outwardly from the central steam passage or discharg inig steam at a reduced pressure between the a jacent-walls of the inner and outer cassubstantially as set forth.

my hand at Antonio, Texas, this 18th day of December, A. D. nineteen hundred and twenty-four.


witness whereof, Ihave hereunto set a

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U.S. Classification68/207, 239/568, 239/553
International ClassificationD06F1/08
Cooperative ClassificationD06F39/008, D06F1/08
European ClassificationD06F1/08