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Publication numberUS1594056 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date27 Jul 1926
Filing date26 Feb 1926
Priority date26 Feb 1926
Publication numberUS 1594056 A, US 1594056A, US-A-1594056, US1594056 A, US1594056A
InventorsFloyd Percival H
Original AssigneeWright & Ditsonvictor Co
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Football shoe
US 1594056 A
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Filed m. 26, 1926 I ATTORNEY.

' Patented July 27,1926.

I relates football shoes) I bottom ofa shoe so equippedloads up badly to'prevent the player from slipping,z.or, at

--least to-reduced-the tendency: to vw-sli-piv .In'

.aplayin'g on a' wet field it is found "that "the With mud. '-.l he imudrpacks in firmly" between" the cleats and I renders thempracti- "cally useless until it has b'eengdislodged. This difficulty can be reduced! somewhat by using an-extra long cleat, commonly known as a,mud 'cleat but these cleats-are so g'longi'orufhigh that they are not! suitable p help in running. Theother "rectangular -for use' onfirm ground or turf-: "Conse *quently, a player'- shod with cleats of this I kind and playing on afield 'which'iis muddy in; some p arts onlyy finds that while these "cleats are very useful in the muddy parts of'thefield, they are avgreat handicap'in' playing on the portions ofthe field that are.

relatively firm and hardi Thepresent invention deals with the problem presented by theseconditions, and

it aims to devise a cleat arrangement which will not load up with mud sufficiently to interfereseriously with the function of thecleats,fand which will be satisfactory on both-a wet and a dry field. 1

scription when read in connection withthe accompanying drawings, and the novel fea tures will be particularly pointed out inthe appended claims.

embodying this invention; and

of the shoe shown in Fig.1,

It will be seen fromv an inspection of the Application filel l ebruary 2e, 192a Seria1;1Noi.-9 0',910.; 5

' the .toe are located transversely to theflongi- 0n the heeluof-thei shoe shown. one tangular. peleat' is, used atsthe back. of, the

gitudinal median line of the shoeand is of Fig. 2 is aperspective View ofthe bottom rangedin two rows near! opposite edges of the sole. 'The row along the inside) edge ,includestwoi rectangular cleats ,2 and .3 with I a circular cleat- 4 betweenll-th'em, while the 1, row on the, outerpmargin of the sole. consists of two rectangular cleats 5 and 6 with-acir- 'cular cleat. 7 between them. fAnotlierfirec tangular cleat J8 is located-near the "extremity eofithe toe." Preferably the cleat-5:on; the

ball portion ofthe sole *andithe cleat Sat tudinal median" line of the sh'oeysince,v this arrangement assists the :player; :in i starting and stopping,and the cleat 8 also isofzgreat" h cleats 2, Sand 6' all extendina-fore and aft direction, or longitudinally, of,the-.shoe,'iiand i v i are of particular Value inpushing *against the line orin shifting theidirec ion to, either.

the rightjor left whilerunningaj recheel, and two circular cleats 10 and 12" are located near, the jjopposite breast corners.;8"o

The cleat 9 extends transversely to thelon great assistance in running'and in stopping.

All of the cleats preferablyare of a height suitable for use on a dry field, say from one;- 8'5 half to three-quarters of an inch. It will be observed that the circular or'frusto -conical cleats are so interspersed 'with'the" rectangular cleats thatthe adjacent surfaces of neighboring cleats-: do not present fiat faces i of substantial area in opposed contiguous 7 relationship; In other words, the flatsurfaces of the rectangular cleats are, in allcases except that of the eleat'8, opposed to l the convex, surfaces of the frusto conical cleats. This arrangement'appears to be re at f; sponsible,at'least in a large measure, for the a extremely favorable results which have been found by experienceftoattend the use or drawings that the shoe shown is equipped p p thisshoe on a muddy field. vThe mud does with two typesof cleats, some being of po 4 lygonal' form incross-sectionwhile others not pack in around thefcleats and cling to 99 v are of circular cross-section. Itis preferable to use a tapered cleat and I prefer, also, to

use cleats of rectangular outline in horizon-"- 'tal cross-sectlon on some parts of the shoe.

Thelatter cleats, therefore, have the form of the frustum of a pyramid, while the other cleats are of'frusto-conical shape.

Referring to Fig. 2, which shows thebottom of aright shoe, it will be observed that the cleats on the 'soleof tlIQ'ShOQ are ar them suflicientlyto interfere' seriously with their normal functions.

v On, the contrary, I the bOttOIh Ofthesh'oe stay remarkably free. I

from the accumulations" of mud thatfhave" proved so troublesome heretofore. This-' cleat arrangement is also entirely.

. satisfac-' tor on turf oronahard field.

could-pack and Wedge in between them to any substantial degree. While small portions of the rear side of the cleat 8 are in nearly opposed relationship to the forward ends of the cleats 3 and 6 on the toe portion of the slice, still the entire centralportion of the sole back of the cleat 8 is open-o-rgfree, and the opposed surfaces just mentioned are so small, due to the tapered construction of the cleats, that no trouble is experienced with the leading up of the cleats-With mud at mess-point I The c'l'eats shown are readily obtainable oi-i the market {and they are usually secured tions' 'c'a'n lee-substituted and som'ewhatdiitere'nt arrangement employed Within the spirit of the invention. p

Having thus described my invention, What I desire to-claim as new -is:''

A football shoe having cleats of a plurality of types securedon the bottom ther of, certain of said-cleats having fiat sides, and thecleats of one type being interspersed with those ofthe other type sothat; the adjacent surfaces of the' ne'ighborih'g" cleats do not present flat faces of substantial area in opposed contiguous relationship.

2. A football shoe hai ir'iga b'tl'ats secured to the'sble near one thereof, said, row including both circular and flat sided cleats, With the circular cleats located adjacent to and-between the flat sided cleats.

3. A football shoe having retangular and circular cleats arranged in ttvo' rows Y located onthe sole near opposite edges thereof; the two kinds ofcleats alternating with each other. each row." 4

4. The combination withya football t sho'e of rectangular "cleats" located transversely? on the sole oi the? shoe atthe balland' near the 'eiztrmi-t'y of thetoa ad'ditioiial rectangular cleats located loirgitudinallyson theball'; and

toe portions of the shoegsan'd circular cleats" others are of f'rhsto-conical form the-ttto types-of cleats-being so: arranged as to; prevent the presence of flat surfaces'ofsubsta-ntial *ar'eain opposed contiguous-relationship."

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U.S. Classification36/59.00R, 36/128, 36/134, D02/906
International ClassificationA43C15/00, A43C15/16
Cooperative ClassificationA43C15/162
European ClassificationA43C15/16C