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Publication numberUS1427330 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date29 Aug 1922
Filing date8 May 1922
Priority date8 May 1922
Publication numberUS 1427330 A, US 1427330A, US-A-1427330, US1427330 A, US1427330A
InventorsRousset Jules
Original AssigneeRousset Jules
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Manufacture of hollow artificial textile articles
US 1427330 A
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No Drawing.

Articles, of which the following is a specification.

Certain hollow artificial textiles are already known which are obtained by spinning an emulsion consisting of a spinnable liquid and of a neutral gas. Among the spinnable liquids which may be used are cellulosic solutions such as viscose, cupra-ammonium cellulose, and cellulose acetate, and other substances such as collodion, gelatin, etc.

In practice, however, the results obtained from the aforesaid process are incomplete.

The object of the present invention, therefore, is to provide an improved process for manufacturing hollow artificial textiles, which does not start, as has been the case heretofore, with an emulsion of a spinnable liquid and a neutral gas.

My improved process, which, as hereinafter described, isa division ofthe subject matter disclosed in my prior application, Serial Number 515,411, filed November-15, 1921,

consists in incorporating with the spinning solution a substance designed to emit gaseous bubbles within the thread, after the latter has left the spinning head or draw-plate. This emission of gas may be induced either by chemical or by thermal action; and in the present case I have elected toclaim specifically the use of such substances as are caused to emit the gas bubbles as a result of the chemical action taking place.

According to the first or preferred form of the process, I may incorporate a sub stance which will dissolve in the spinning solution, such, for instance, as a soluble alka line carbonate; or I may incorporate afinelydivided or atomized insoluble carbonate." Various other substances may be used which I will give off, under chemical action, the gas I that the invention is not limited to the par.-

bubbles required to form a hollow artificial textile; and it is tobe understood, therefore,

Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Aug. 29, 1922. Applicationnled May 8, 1922. Serial No. 559,491.

ticular substances indicated above, which are merely mentioned by way of example. In any case, however, the substance utilized acts to produce in the thread issuing from the spinning apparatus, through a more or less hot coagulating acid bath, gas bubbles of various appearances according to operating condltions, the formation of the bubbles be ing due to the chemical reaction between the carbonate and the coagulating bath.

As an instance of production of gas bubbles by thermic action, there may be introduced into the solution to be spun a body or substance which will not give off vapors when cold, but will give as vapors when hpt; for example, gasolene, carbon disulfide e C.

I claim as my invention:

1. In the manufacture of hollow, artificia textile articles, the steps of incorporating in a spinnable viscous solution a substance the spinning head and have been passed through said bath; and then successively spinning the resultant solution to form the articles, and, passing said articles through said bath.

3. In the manufacture of hollow, artificial textile articles, the steps of incorporating in a spinnable viscous solution a carbonate which will react chemically with the c0- agulating bath to produce a series of gas bubbles in the articles after the latter have a spinnable viscous solution an alkaline carthe resultant solution to form the articles,

, bonate which will dissolve therein, and which and passing said articles through said bath.

1\g ill react cliemically with the coagulating In testimony whereof I affix my signature. 10 ath to pro uce a series of "as bubbles in the articles after the latter have left the JULES ROUSSET' spinning head and have been passed through Witness:

said bath; and then successively spinning GEORGE PAsoAL CARRII'ERE.

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U.S. Classification264/54, 264/209.1, 264/188, 106/122
International ClassificationD01D5/247
Cooperative ClassificationD01D5/247
European ClassificationD01D5/247