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Publication numberUS1398772 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date29 Nov 1921
Filing date10 Mar 1921
Priority date10 Mar 1921
Publication numberUS 1398772 A, US 1398772A, US-A-1398772, US1398772 A, US1398772A
InventorsHolcomb Anderson Charles
Original AssigneeCharles H Anderson, Edgar L Bozarth, James T Hughes
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US 1398772 A
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1,398,772. Patented Nov. 29,1921.

I/VI/E'NTOR W/TNE88E8 a E Jude-r5031,

A TTORNEVS unites s'TAras Parent CHARLES HOLCOMB Annnnson, or OKLAHOMA, oKLanc-MA, Assre'non or one:



Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Nov. 29, 1921,

Application filedMarch 10, 1921. Serial No. 451,098.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CHARLns H. ANDER- SON, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Oklahoma city,in the county of Oklahoma and State of Oklahoma, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Polishing-Brushes, of which the following is a specification.

My present invention relates generally to polishing brushes, and more particularly to shoe brushes, my object being the provision of a strong, durable brush of this nature which may be readily carried from place to place, occupies but small storage SpELC6, 1S practically indestructible, may be readily cleaned from time to time and is capable of effective use without danger of soiling or injuring the hands. I

In the accompanying drawing which illustrates my present invention and forms a part of this specification,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of my 1mproved polishing brush,

Fig. 2 is a vertical transverse section taken therethrough on a line with the handle guide 100 F fg. 3 is a partial transverse section taken on a. line similar to Fig. 2, showing a slightly modified form of guide loop, and

Fig. 4 is a detail transverse section through the back of the brush taken on line,

44 of Fig. 1.

Referring now to these figures my invention proposes a brush the back 10 of whlch is preferably formed of upper and lower layers of leather of substantial thickness whlch when secured together enable the back to maintain its shape and thoroughly protect and support the parts carried thereby and yet remain sufficiently flexible or pliant to allow the brush asa whole to conform to the curvature of surface being polished,

The skin 12 furthermore serves to hold a felt or other flexible compressible pad 14 between the same and the innero lower surface of the back 1.0, which thus forms a cushion protected at all times by the skin 12 inclosing the same so as to preclude the possibility of any dressing, polish or other subthe upper layer of leather and forcing the material between the slits upwardly so as stance from coming in contact with the to constitute an integral guide loop 18 as in I Fig. 1 and 2; On the other han'd a handle guide loop 19 may be utilized with angular ends extended andclenched through one or both layers of the back 10 asin Fig. 3.

Being constructed with a polishing surface formed by the wool-0r hairsurface of Y a skin, it is obvious that my improved brush may be thoroughly washed and cleaned without requiring it to be taken apart or without other inconvenient preparations for such washing or cleaning. It is furthermore obvious that the back 10 will thoroughly protect the hand and one side of the cushion 14 and-yet remain flexible or pliant for greater effectiveness in use. The handle 15 is of a nature adapted to withstand hard usage and being disposed lengthwise of the brush back as shown, permits of its being firmly grasped and used and also pressed as a whole to be inserted in a small bag and conveniently carried in a grip or trunk. In addition to its provision of a polishing surface capable of ready cleansing, the wool bearing skin 12, in connection with the back '10, thoroughly covers and protects the cushion 14 at all times so that the latter re- 'flatwise against the back adapting the brush mains thoroughly capable of effective functioning thoroughout the life of the polisher as a, Whole.

I claim: 7

A polishing brush including a flexible beck formed of a material having suflicient resiliency to return to normal condition afte flexing and provided With a section of wool bearing skin having its edge secured fiavtwise against the lower surface of the edge of the back, With its W001 side 0utermost to form a polishing surface and with a fullness inside its said secured edge, and a compressible pad Within said full portion of the skin as described.


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U.S. Classification15/235
International ClassificationA47L13/30, A47L13/10
Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/30
European ClassificationA47L13/30