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Publication numberUS1155886 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date5 Oct 1915
Filing date3 Jun 1914
Priority date3 Jun 1914
Publication numberUS 1155886 A, US 1155886A, US-A-1155886, US1155886 A, US1155886A
InventorsHoward Fredric Chism
Original AssigneeHoward Fredric Chism
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Self-reserving tablet.
US 1155886 A
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Patented Oct. 5, 1915.


sniir'nnsnnvme TABLET,

Specifica tion of Letters ratent.

-A 1 mna'a1ed Janet-1, 1914;; SeriaINQ. 842,630;

- To all mm it may-concern .Be it known that LdHowAnn' F flnrslzzja [citizen .of the ,United- 'States, residing at a specification.

Olive Branch, iii the'eoiuityof 'Alexanderand state of lllinois, have inventedf certa n new and useful Improvementsin Self-Re-- This invention; relates" to self reserving writingtablets and one ofthe pr ncipal objects ofthc nvent on to prov de a' tab let for use with; either a -pen,- pencil; stylus or for typewritten ma'tten in which.'1')ro' ir.1-

sion is inadeffor detachment -and'forcon 1t book-in itsproper jpl ce after it has 1 writtenupon oritypewritteni 4 necting the "earbon or 'lsecond sheetin the Another object of the "-nven'tioniis t pro:

' I vide' a convenient writing tablet which will Q I I I a which may be-used as a lette r file fo'r'ffuture preserve copies. of each sheet detached and reference, 1-

, Thes and" other objectsfnia'y be by A means of the construction illustrated in] theaccompanyingdrawing; in',whi ch,

Figure 1 is'a'front elevationof a writingtablet madein accordance with this in'ven- "the leaves beingbroken away at their ends ti on and showing the cover -thrown, back ward in position to permit thetablet tobev used .as a writingtablet. Fig. 2" is a; sectional view taken .on-th'e line 2*2 of Fig-"1,

and only a few of the leaye's being,sh0Wn,

' Fig.3 is an edge View of one of thesheets and a stub andx a sheetjfor-the carbon co underneath the same, Fig-.4 is a sectional I Viewshowing 'the-two first sheets of the book rerno'ved'onone ofthe scoredlines for type- 40 slub,-Fig."6'-is a fragmentary perspective wri'tingyFig. 5 is an edgeeview of one of the. carbon copy sbeietswconne'ctedl "t'o the view on a larger scale of the upper endo one ofthe"stnbs and a carbon sheet connected underneath the original or primary sheet, Fig. '1 is a detailshowing the clip for securing the leaves of the book in place and for. holding the carbonpaper'therein. and

, Fig" 8 is a" perspectiye View of theclip re moved from the book, i Referring to the drawing, the numeral 1: designates the top cover of the book, and 2 is the binding s'trip'ehich passes around ,"the top or back of the book-or tablet for 'h'oldingthe leaves in place. a

Ea'chsh'eet of. he tablet-comprises apri sheet a for the original letter or memoadhesive/[line on the stub b. A i It iwill-jbejobvious that two, tliree or four carbon copies of the ori 'inal data may be preserved zif desired, an they are always Th sheet-(t and stub 12 are divided by a sooredfline o, and the stub b is provided with 'a scoredli-ned and between'the lines 0 and d is a stub portion 6 having astrip off mucilage agpiie'd to the stub." Under each" sheet a ,is "La secondary .Asheet (1,-"i\vhich is designedto' receive-the oarbon copy ofthe letter or rheirioranda ap plied to the primary sheet I i y When it is desired tol'write 'a f-ty'pewr-itten "letter and preservea carbon copy thereof, 'twoushee'ts'of the tablet are detachedfon the line (i andthetwosheetsmrejpladed in a typewriter with a carbon paper between; them. I When the letterhasxb eenl written the- "primary sheet ais'detach'edon the line 0,

Connected to the stub b-by moistening the inu'cilage, on the; stub portion 6' and insertof the sheets for: atypewritten letter and 1t isrclesi'red} to hay'e 'a carbonjc0py of said vletter, 'two sheets'aredetached froin'the tablet. and a piece of carbon paper inserted a between the two and they (are. then inserted in-Zthe typewriter and the letter is written.

Aftenthe letter is writtemlthe original copy .;isqincl'osed iniithin. the envelop to besent away and the carbon copy is placed back in the tablet by connecting: -it by means. of

Patented 0a. 5;, 191.51 a 1 theadhesiveline 6. Itissometiines neces-v saryto" detach the ;arbon' copy from the book for the purpose of'verifyingthe o i -iv nal letter 'and in this case it can be'again attached to the tablet by connection to the preserved in proper form in a tablet, so


y holdithe earbon pap'er within the tabr I let, I hare-provided a spring clip made from 105 a sin'glej length of wire comprising. a larger,

loop 3 anda sinaller 10019 4, said loops being conneeted by-la 'cross bar 5. j A eordYonstring-o passes throughthe.

4 cover land bindingQ at the top of the taZg .letso that the latter may be susended from a nail orhook when not requiredfor use.

that they arereadily accessible whenever i Various changes in-the details of con struction may be resorted to Without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as defined in the claim.

What'is claimed is A tablet comprising a cover and a series of sheets connected to said cover, a stub connected to each sheet, said stub being permanently connected to the cover, a second stub portion disposed between the first mentioned stub and the original sheet and sepa- 7 rated from the said first mentioncdstub 'bv a line of detaching perforations, each of said sheets comprising an original and a Copies of this patent may be obtained for duplicate sheet, the duplicate sheet being normally attached to said second named stub portion, a lineof adhesive material on said second named stub portion, and a line of detaching perforations separating each sheet and "duplicate from the second named stub portion.

In testimony whereof I my signature in presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses C. E. VICK, W. B. HAMILTO-N.

five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents.

Washington, D. G.

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U.S. Classification281/43, 281/38
Cooperative ClassificationB42D17/00