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Publication numberDE9418146 U1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19949418146
Publication date19 Jan 1995
Filing date11 Nov 1994
Priority date12 Nov 1993
Also published asCA2173965A1, CA2173965C, CN1134750A, CN1235040C, DE69431334D1, DE69431334T2, EP0653625A1, EP0653625B1, US6235241, WO1995013531A1
Publication number19949418146, 949418146, DE 9418146 U1, DE 9418146U1, DE-U1-9418146, DE19949418146, DE9418146 U1, DE9418146U1, DE949418146
ApplicantUnipath Ltd
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Lesevorrichtungen und Assayvorrichtungen zur Verwendung damit Reading devices and assay devices for use therewith translated from German
DE 9418146 U1
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
EP0878538A2 *13 May 199818 Nov 1998Serim Research CorporationTest strip incubation device and method
EP0878538A3 *13 May 199815 Sep 1999Serim Research CorporationTest strip incubation device and method
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International ClassificationB01L3/00, G01N21/27, G01N33/52, G01N33/543, G01N21/86, G01J1/04, G01N21/78, G01N37/00
Cooperative ClassificationG01N2021/8618, B01L3/5023, G01N21/8483, G01N2201/06153, B01L2300/0825, B01L2400/0406, B01L2200/12, G01N2021/8654, G01N2201/0696
European ClassificationG01N21/84R, B01L3/5023