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Publication numberDE930979 T1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1997942714
Publication date4 Nov 1999
Filing date8 Oct 1997
Priority date10 Oct 1996
Also published asCA2268100A1, CA2268100C, CN1104340C, CN1233217A, CN1235752C, CN1421322A, DE69709142D1, DE69709142T2, DE69709142T3, DE69738115D1, DE69738115T2, DE69738115T3, EP0930979A1, EP0930979A4, EP0930979B1, EP0930979B2, EP1147912A2, EP1147912A3, EP1147912B1, EP1147912B2, US6062604, US6273473, US6467810, US6761377, US7040664, US20020008380, US20020185857, US20030193183, US20030193184, US20040245765, WO1998015418A1
Publication number1997942714, 97942714, DE 930979 T1, DE 930979T1, DE-T1-930979, DE1997942714, DE930979 T1, DE930979T1, DE97942714
InventorsJohn Taylor, Bruce Hardwick, Wayne Jackson, Paul Zientek, Cameron Hibbert
ApplicantSecurency Pty Ltd
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Sich selbst überprüfendes sicherheitsdokument Yourself about under test security document translated from German
DE 930979 T1
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International ClassificationB44F1/12, G03G21/04, B41M3/14, B42D15/00, B42D15/10, G07D7/12
Cooperative ClassificationG07D7/207, G07D7/206, G07D7/003, B42D2035/36, B42D2035/44, B42D2035/50, B42D25/342, B42D25/29, B42D25/328, B41M3/14, G03G21/043, G07D7/128
European ClassificationG07D7/00B, B42D15/00C2, G07D7/20F8, G07D7/20F10, G07D7/12V, B42D15/00C, G03G21/04P, B41M3/14