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Publication numberDE69917010 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1999617010
Publication date9 Jun 2004
Filing date24 Feb 1999
Priority date24 Feb 1998
Also published asDE69917010T2, EP1061111A1, EP1061111A4, EP1061111B1, US6410444, US6436835, US20020045350, WO1999043761A1
Publication number1999617010, 99617010, DE 69917010 D1, DE 69917010D1, DE-D1-69917010, DE1999617010, DE69917010 D1, DE69917010D1, DE99617010
InventorsTakanori Kido, Kagetaka Ichikawa
ApplicantShowa Denko Kk
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Schleifmittelzusammensetzung zum polieren eines halbleiterbauteils und herstellung des halbleiterbauteils mit derselben Abrasive composition for polishing a semiconductor device and manufacturing the semiconductor device having the same translated from German
DE 69917010 D1
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International ClassificationC09K3/14, H01L21/3105
Cooperative ClassificationC09K3/1463, H01L21/31053
European ClassificationC09K3/14D2, H01L21/3105B2
Legal Events
2 Jun 20058364No opposition during term of opposition