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Publication numberDE69837545 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998637545
Publication date24 May 2007
Filing date25 Feb 1998
Priority date25 Feb 1997
Also published asCA2282602A1, CA2282602C, CA2643148A1, CN1148686C, CN1236387C, CN1249041A, CN1516022A, CN1776701A, CN1776701B, CN1776702A, DE69837545T2, EP1004068A1, EP1004068B1, EP1655653A2, EP1655653A3, EP1655654A2, EP1655654A3, EP1657618A2, EP1657618A3, EP1657618B1, EP1816579A2, EP1816579A3, EP1826653A2, EP1826653A3, US5920861, US6138119, WO1998037481A1
Publication number1998637545, 98637545, DE 69837545 D1, DE 69837545D1, DE-D1-69837545, DE1998637545, DE69837545 D1, DE69837545D1, DE98637545
InventorsEdwin J Hall, Victor H Shear, Luke S Tomasello, Wie David M Van, Robert P Weber, Kim Worsencroft, Xuejun Xu
ApplicantIntertrust Tech Corp
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Techniken zur verwendung von beschreibungshaltenden datenstrukturen Techniques for use of description retentive data structures translated from German
DE 69837545 D1
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Legal Events
3 Apr 20088363Opposition against the patent