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Publication numberDE69800775 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998600775
Publication date21 Jun 2001
Filing date3 Feb 1998
Priority date3 Feb 1997
Also published asEP0856494A2, EP0856494A3, EP0856494B1, EP0856494B2
Publication number1998600775, 98600775, DE 69800775 D1, DE 69800775D1, DE-D1-69800775, DE1998600775, DE69800775 D1, DE69800775D1, DE98600775
InventorsHans Kummermehr, Lothar Bihy
ApplicantSaint Gobain Isover Courbevoie
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Bindemittel für Mineralwolle und damit gebundenes Mineralwolleprodukt Binder for mineral wool and thus bound mineral wool product translated from German
DE 69800775 D1
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International ClassificationC03C25/26, C03C25/34, C04B26/12, C08K5/00, C09J161/04, C08K13/02, C09K21/00, C04B20/00
Cooperative ClassificationC04B26/122, C08K5/0066, C09J161/04, C03C25/26, C04B20/008, C03C25/34
Legal Events
16 May 20028363Opposition against the patent