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Publication numberDE69724554 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1997624554
Publication date9 Oct 2003
Filing date24 Oct 1997
Priority date12 Nov 1996
Also published asDE69724554T2, EP0841626A1, EP0841626B1, US5890159
Publication number1997624554, 97624554, DE 69724554 D1, DE 69724554D1, DE-D1-69724554, DE1997624554, DE69724554 D1, DE69724554D1, DE97624554
InventorsArthur George Sealby, Lawrence Gregory Griffiths
ApplicantFujitsu Serv Ltd
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Datenübertragungsmechanismus Data transfer mechanism translated from German
DE 69724554 D1
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International ClassificationG06F17/30, G06F9/46
Cooperative ClassificationY10S707/99943, G06F9/544, G06F17/30569
European ClassificationG06F9/54F, G06F17/30S5V
Legal Events
30 Sep 20048364No opposition during term of opposition