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Publication numberDE69626315 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1996626315
Publication date27 Mar 2003
Filing date26 Jun 1996
Priority date26 Jun 1995
Also published asCA2225720A1, DE69626315T2, EP0886573A2, EP0886573A4, EP0886573B1, US6019715, US6783489, US6974407, US7258657, US7361132, US20050020427, US20060040817, US20060247116, US20070281847, WO1997001434A2, WO1997001434A3
Publication number1996626315, 96626315, DE 69626315 D1, DE 69626315D1, DE-D1-69626315, DE1996626315, DE69626315 D1, DE69626315D1, DE96626315
InventorsO Ratzel, J Harding, J Lencoski, A Simmons, J Barnhouse
ApplicantRanpak Corp
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Vorrichtung zur herstellung von polsterelementen und deren verwendung An apparatus for the production of cushion elements and their use translated from German
DE 69626315 D1
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International ClassificationB31D5/00
Cooperative ClassificationY10S493/967, B31D5/0047, B31D2205/0047, B31D2205/0023, B31D2205/0082, B31D5/0052
European ClassificationB31D5/00C1A, B31D5/00C1C
Legal Events
18 Mar 20048364No opposition during term of opposition