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Publication numberDE69528275 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1995628275
Publication date8 May 2003
Filing date5 Jul 1995
Priority date26 Jul 1994
Also published asCA2195534A1, CA2195534C, CA2342454A1, CA2342454C, CA2369499A1, CA2369499C, CA2552443A1, CA2552443C, CN1097368C, CN1154770A, CN1165125C, CN1223127C, CN1228937C, CN1229935C, CN1252957C, CN1337797A, CN1373581A, CN1373582A, CN1373583A, CN1490966A, CN1501611A, CN1501611B, CN1503493A, CN1503493B, DE772928T1, DE1033840T1, DE19581709T0, DE19581709T1, DE69528275D1, DE69535594D1, DE69535594T2, DE69536056D1, EP0772928A1, EP0772928A4, EP0772928B1, EP1033840A1, EP1033840B1, EP1860811A1, EP1860811B1, US5553062, US5719852, US6014373, US6259688, US6868076, US6868078, US6876665, US7027423, US7161919, US7164668, US7167462, US7167464, US7230938, US7242675, US20010019548, US20020167925, US20020172171, US20020172172, US20020172173, US20020186673, US20020191571, US20020196757, US20030002463, US20050157743, US20070258412, WO1996003819A1
Publication number1995628275, 95628275, DE 69528275 T2, DE 69528275T2, DE-T2-69528275, DE1995628275, DE69528275 T2, DE69528275T2, DE95628275
InventorsL Schilling, John Kowalski, Shimon Moshavi
ApplicantInterdigital Tech Corp
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Verfahren und system zur spreizspektrum-interferenzunterdrückung Method and system for spread spectrum interference cancellers translated from German
DE 69528275 T2
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International ClassificationH04B1/707, H04L7/00, H04B1/10, H04B1/709, H04B1/7093, H04B1/7107, H04B1/12, H04B7/216
Cooperative ClassificationH04B1/709, H04B1/71075, H04B1/7093
European ClassificationH04B1/7107B, H04B1/7093, H04B1/709