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Publication numberDE69519393 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1995619393
Publication date26 Apr 2001
Filing date29 Jun 1995
Priority date13 Jul 1994
Also published asDE69519393D1, EP0804155A1, EP0804155B1, US5668170, WO1996002232A1
Publication number1995619393, 95619393, DE 69519393 T2, DE 69519393T2, DE-T2-69519393, DE1995619393, DE69519393 T2, DE69519393T2, DE95619393
InventorsJ Richard Gyory
ApplicantAlza Corp
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Zusammensetzung und verfahren zur förderung von transdermaler elektrotransport-darreichung Composition and process for promotion of transdermal electron transport-administration translated from German
DE 69519393 T2
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International ClassificationA61K47/16, A61N1/30, A61K9/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61K9/0009
European ClassificationA61K9/00L8