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Publication numberDE69518148 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1995618148
Publication date22 Mar 2001
Filing date7 Apr 1995
Priority date8 Apr 1994
Also published asDE69518148D1, DE69533371D1, DE69533371T2, DE69533371T3, EP0754388A1, EP0754388B1, EP0952735A1, EP0952735B1, EP0952735B2, US5892498, US6072460, US6542169, US7385586, US8739210, US20040045024, US20080244653, WO1995028055A1
Publication number1995618148, 95618148, DE 69518148 T2, DE 69518148T2, DE-T2-69518148, DE1995618148, DE69518148 T2, DE69518148T2, DE95618148
InventorsT Marshall, R Lemmons, W Allison
ApplicantUnited Video Properties Inc
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Interaktive abrollbare programmanzeige Interactive program scrollable display translated from German
DE 69518148 T2
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International ClassificationG09G5/00, G06F3/00, H04N5/445, H04N21/431, H04N21/422, H04N21/482
Cooperative ClassificationH04N21/42204, H04N21/4314, H04N21/4821, H04N21/4312, H04N5/44543
European ClassificationH04N5/445M, H04N21/482