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Publication numberDE69426456 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1994626456
Publication date26 Jul 2001
Filing date3 Oct 1994
Priority date1 Oct 1993
Also published asCA2173204A1, CA2173204C, CA2173209A1, CA2173209C, DE69426456D1, DE69428725D1, DE69428725T2, DE69429684D1, DE69429684T2, DE69430272D1, DE69430272T2, DE69431525D1, DE69431525T2, DE69431536D1, DE69431536T2, DE69432803D1, DE69432803T2, DE69433042D1, DE69433042T2, DE69434762D1, DE69434762T2, DE69435132D1, EP0721725A1, EP0721725B1, EP0721726A1, EP0721726B1, EP0898424A2, EP0898424A3, EP0898424B1, EP0899952A2, EP0899952A3, EP0899952B1, EP0899953A2, EP0899953A3, EP0899953B1, EP0899954A2, EP0899954A3, EP0899954B1, EP0912055A2, EP0912055A3, EP0912055B1, EP0912056A2, EP0912056A3, EP0912056B1, EP0955765A1, EP1307038A2, EP1307038A3, EP1307038B1, EP1705913A1, EP1705913B1, US5617539, US5689641, US5758079, US5802294, US5854893, US5867654, US5884039, US5896500, US5915091, US5978835, US6212547, US6237025, US6343314, US6351762, US6426769, US6437818, US6583806, US20020154210, WO1995010157A1, WO1995010158A2, WO1995010158A3
Publication number1994626456, 94626456, DE 69426456 T2, DE 69426456T2, DE-T2-69426456, DE1994626456, DE69426456 T2, DE69426456T2, DE94626456
InventorsLester F Ludwig, Chris J Lauwers, Keith A Lantz, Gerald J Burnett, Emmett R Burns
ApplicantCollaboration Properties Inc
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Schalten eines Videokonferenz- Signals ohne Dekomprimierung Turn a videoconferencing signal without decompression translated from German
DE 69426456 T2
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International ClassificationG06F13/00, G06F15/16, G06Q10/00, H04M7/00, H04M7/12, H04L12/58, H04N7/14, H04N7/15, H04L29/08, H04M3/428, H04L12/18, H04M3/53, H04M3/56, H04M3/42, H04L29/06
Cooperative ClassificationH04L51/00, H04L65/4038, H04M2203/5027, H04M3/5307, H04M3/564, H04L29/06027, H04M7/12, H04Q2213/1332, H04M3/42221, H04M3/563, H04M7/006, H04L12/1818, H04Q2213/1305, H04M3/42323, H04Q2213/1319, H04Q2213/1324, H04L12/1813, H04Q2213/13093, H04M2203/5018, H04L51/04, H04M3/562, H04L12/1836, H04L12/1827, H04L12/1831, H04Q2213/1322, H04M2201/38, H04Q2213/13337, H04N7/152, H04L12/1822, H04N7/147, H04M3/4285, H04N7/148, H04L12/185, H04L29/06, H04N7/15, H04Q2213/1326, H04M3/567, H04Q2213/13389, H04Q2213/13175, H04L67/14, H04L67/36, H04L65/80, G06Q10/10
European ClassificationG06Q10/10, H04M3/56G, H04M3/56D, H04L29/06, H04N7/15, H04L29/08N35, H04L12/58, H04N7/14A4, H04M3/53M, H04L29/08N13, H04N7/15M, H04L29/06C2, H04M3/56M, H04N7/14A3, H04L12/18D, H04L12/58B, H04L12/18D3, H04L12/18D2, H04L12/18D1, H04L29/06M8, H04L29/06M4C2, H04L12/18D4