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Publication numberDE69424042 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1994624042
Publication date28 Sep 2000
Filing date22 Feb 1994
Priority date16 Apr 1993
Also published asCA2157777A1, DE69424042D1, EP0693944A1, EP0693944B1, EP0970708A1, US5423735, US5540652, US5744528, WO1994023768A1
Publication number1994624042, 94624042, DE 69424042 T2, DE 69424042T2, DE-T2-69424042, DE1994624042, DE69424042 T2, DE69424042T2, DE94624042
InventorsJ Callinan, T Scholz
ApplicantMinnesota Mining & Mfg
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Stützverbände und harze und verfahren zu deren herstellung Support dressings and resins and processes for their preparation translated from German
DE 69424042 T2
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International ClassificationC08G18/18, A61L15/07, C08G18/10, A61L15/12, A61F13/04
Cooperative ClassificationY10T442/2361, Y10T442/2574, Y10T428/31551, Y10T428/31601, Y10T442/2992, C08G18/10, A61F13/04, Y10T428/24041, A61L15/07, A61L15/12, C08G18/1858
European ClassificationC08G18/10, A61L15/12, C08G18/18N, A61L15/07, A61F13/04