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Publication numberDE69419814 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1994619814
Publication date17 Feb 2000
Filing date10 May 1994
Priority date13 May 1993
Also published asDE69419814D1, EP0624980A1, EP0624980B1, US5579061, US6025887
Publication number1994619814, 94619814, DE 69419814 T2, DE 69419814T2, DE-T2-69419814, DE1994619814, DE69419814 T2, DE69419814T2, DE94619814
InventorsBernardus Hermanus Maria Vaske
ApplicantKoninkl Philips Electronics Nv
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Sendestation um eine Vielzahl von Fernsehprogrammen zu übertragen, und Empfänger um die Programme zu empfangen Transmitting station to transmit a variety of television programs, and receive receiver to the programs translated from German
DE 69419814 T2
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International ClassificationH04N5/445, H04N7/035, H04N7/03, H04N5/50, H04N7/088, H04N7/025, H04N5/76, H04N21/485
Cooperative ClassificationH04N7/0882, H04N5/50, H04N5/44513, H04N21/485, H04N7/0887
European ClassificationH04N5/50, H04N7/088P, H04N5/445F, H04N7/088B, H04N21/485