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Publication numberDE69401108 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1994601108
Publication date23 Jan 1997
Filing date21 Sep 1994
Priority date28 Sep 1993
Also published asCA2127948A1, CA2127948C, DE69401108T2, EP0645948A1, EP0645948B1, US5346118
Publication number1994601108, 94601108, DE 69401108 D1, DE 69401108D1, DE-D1-69401108, DE1994601108, DE69401108 D1, DE69401108D1, DE94601108
InventorsYinon Degani, Thomas Dixon Dudderar, William Lonzo Woods
ApplicantAt & T Corp
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Oberflächenmontierte Lötanordnung von integrierten Schaltungspackungen ohne Drahtanschlüsse The surface-mount soldering assembly of integrated circuit packages without wire connections translated from German
DE 69401108 D1
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Legal Events
15 Jan 19988364No opposition during term of opposition