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Publication numberDE69332380 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993632380
Publication date13 Feb 2003
Filing date16 Aug 1993
Priority date17 Aug 1992
Also published asCA2140263A1, CA2140263C, CA2140264A1, CA2140264C, DE69332336D1, DE69332336T2, DE69332336T3, DE69332380D1, DE69333678D1, DE69333678T2, EP0655970A1, EP0655970A4, EP0655970B1, EP0655971A1, EP0655971A4, EP0655971B1, EP0655971B2, EP1217120A1, EP1219744A1, EP1219744B1, US5547745, US5607759, US5611885, US5672418, US5693411, US5789326, US6461553, US6521339, US6596103, US7018490, US20030201051, WO1994004351A1, WO1994004352A1
Publication number1993632380, 93632380, DE 69332380 T2, DE 69332380T2, DE-T2-69332380, DE1993632380, DE69332380 T2, DE69332380T2, DE93632380
InventorsR Hansen, H Young
ApplicantWeyerhaeuser Co
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Binden von partikel an fasern Binding particles to fibers translated from German
DE 69332380 T2
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE10328567A1 *24 Jun 200320 Jan 2005Saueressig Gmbh + Co.Process to manufacture an absorbent fibre product by jet application of absorbent within vapor to a pre-wetted cooler fibre web