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Publication numberDE69331061 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993631061
Publication date6 Dec 2001
Filing date5 Aug 1993
Priority date10 Aug 1992
Also published asDE69331061T2, EP0654168A1, EP0654168A4, EP0654168B1, US5592632, US5613077, US5666480, US6425046, US6483755, US6717864, US7634707, US20010039601, US20030051091, US20040260983, US20080209303, WO1994003901A1
Publication number1993631061, 93631061, DE 69331061 D1, DE 69331061D1, DE-D1-69331061, DE1993631061, DE69331061 D1, DE69331061D1, DE93631061
InventorsWingyu Leung, Fu-Chieh Hsu
ApplicantMonolithic System Tech Inc
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Fehlertolerantes hierarchisiertes Bussystem A fault-tolerant hierarchic bus system translated from German
DE 69331061 D1
A method for error detection and correction (EDC) includes: generating a complete EDC code in response to a data packet; distributing the complete EDC code among the data packet to create a plurality of bytes, each including a data portion from the data packet and an EDC code portion from the complete EDC code; storing the bytes in a memory module; retrieving the bytes from the memory module; forwarding the data portions of the bytes retrieved from the memory module to a requesting device; providing the data portions of the bytes retrieved from the memory module to an EDC functional block; providing the EDC code portions of the bytes retrieved from the memory module to the EDC functional block; and performing error checking and correction in the EDC functional block upon receiving the complete EDC code from the provided EDC code portions.
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International ClassificationG06F11/00, G06F13/40, G06F12/06, G11C29/48, H01L21/66, H04L25/02, G06F11/20, G06F13/00, G06F12/16, G11C29/00, G11C29/04, G06F11/10, H04L5/14, H01L27/02
Cooperative ClassificationY10S257/907, G11C29/48, G11C29/81, G11C29/76, G06F11/1032, G06F13/4077, H04L25/0292, H04L25/0272, H01L27/0203, G11C29/808, G11C29/08, G11C2029/4402, G06F11/10, G11C5/04, G11C29/006, G11C29/832, G11C29/88, G06F11/006, H01L22/22, G11C2029/0411, H04L25/029, G11C2029/0401, G06F11/2007, H04L5/1461, H04L25/028, G06F12/0661, H04L25/026
European ClassificationG11C29/76, G11C29/808, G11C29/88, G06F12/06K2D, G11C29/48, G11C29/00W, H04L25/02K3, G06F13/40E2B2, H01L22/22, G11C29/08, G11C29/832, G06F11/10M1S, G06F11/10, G06F11/20C4, H04L5/14S, H04L25/02G
Legal Events
28 Nov 20028364No opposition during term of opposition