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Publication numberDE69319276 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993619276
Publication date3 Dec 1998
Filing date12 Feb 1993
Priority date15 May 1992
Also published asDE69319276D1, EP0569666A2, EP0569666A3, EP0569666B1, US5370865
Publication number1993619276, 93619276, DE 69319276 T2, DE 69319276T2, DE-T2-69319276, DE1993619276, DE69319276 T2, DE69319276T2, DE93619276
InventorsAtsushi Yamagishi, Kazushi Oshino, Ryozo Nakai, Yasuteru Eguchi, Tetsuji Iwasaki, Yuichi Hioki
ApplicantKao Corp
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Monophosphat enthaltende Zusammensetzung zur Verwendung in der Mundhöhle Mono-phosphate-containing composition for use in the oral cavity translated from German
DE 69319276 T2
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International ClassificationA61Q11/00, A61K8/43, A61K8/49, A61K8/44, A61K8/63, A61K8/34, A61K8/55, A61K8/67
Cooperative ClassificationA61K8/4926, A61K8/43, A61K8/63, A61K8/347, A61K8/678, A61K8/556, A61K8/44, A61Q11/00
European ClassificationA61K8/43, A61K8/44, A61K8/55F, A61K8/63, A61K8/67L, A61K8/49C4, A61K8/34F, A61Q11/00