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Publication numberDE69312491 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993612491
Publication date4 Sep 1997
Filing date5 May 1993
Priority date28 May 1992
Also published asCA2134235A1, CA2134235C, DE69312491T2, EP0643643A1, EP0643643A4, EP0643643B1, US5296182, US5389318, US5641564, US5971730, WO1993024306A1
Publication number1993612491, 93612491, DE 69312491 D1, DE 69312491D1, DE-D1-69312491, DE1993612491, DE69312491 D1, DE69312491D1, DE93612491
InventorsChristian Thary
ApplicantNamba Corp
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Verfahren zum herstellen von geformten laminaten und daraus resultierendes produkt A process for the manufacture of laminates and molded product resulting therefrom translated from German
DE 69312491 D1
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International ClassificationB29C44/56, B32B5/18, B29C43/20, B29L9/00, B29C43/02, B29C43/40, B29C43/18, B32B37/00, B32B5/20, B29K105/04, A41D27/08, B29C69/00, B29C43/22
Cooperative ClassificationB29C43/203, Y10T428/31551, B29C43/40, B29L2009/00, B29C43/222, A41D27/08, Y10T428/249976, B32B5/18, B29C43/021, Y10T428/249987, Y10T428/249975, B29C44/569, Y10T442/15, B32B5/20, Y10T428/249953, B29C44/5627
European ClassificationB29C43/40, B29C43/20B, B32B5/20, B29C43/02B, B32B5/18, B29C44/56F, A41D27/08, B29C44/56H, B29C43/22B
Legal Events
20 Aug 19988364No opposition during term of opposition
13 Mar 20038339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee