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Publication numberDE69309203 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993609203
Publication date30 Apr 1997
Filing date11 Aug 1993
Priority date18 Aug 1992
Also published asCN1040258C, CN1083230A, DE69309203T2, EP0588061A1, EP0588061B1, US5418760
Publication number1993609203, 93609203, DE 69309203 D1, DE 69309203D1, DE-D1-69309203, DE1993609203, DE69309203 D1, DE69309203D1, DE93609203
InventorsKazuyo Kawashima, Yoshimi Ishikawa
ApplicantCasio Computer Co Ltd
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Elektronische Vorrichtung mit Flüssigkristallanzeige An electronic apparatus with liquid crystal display translated from German
DE 69309203 D1
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International ClassificationG04G9/00, G02F1/133, H01H13/702
Cooperative ClassificationH01H13/702, H01H2219/012, G04G9/0023, H01H2231/05, G02F1/13306, H01H2239/058, H01H2239/01, H01H2209/018, H01H2300/054, H01H2239/05, H01H2231/028, G04G9/0035, G04G9/0029
European ClassificationG04G9/00D, H01H13/702, G04G9/00D1B, G02F1/133D, G04G9/00D1
Legal Events
23 Apr 19988364No opposition during term of opposition
12 Jun 20038339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee