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Publication numberDE69227553 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1992627553
Publication date17 Dec 1998
Filing date13 Aug 1992
Priority date15 Aug 1991
Also published asDE69227553T2, EP0528642A2, EP0528642A3, EP0528642B1, US5349348
Publication number1992627553, 92627553, DE 69227553 D1, DE 69227553D1, DE-D1-69227553, DE1992627553, DE69227553 D1, DE69227553D1, DE92627553
InventorsKaren Louise Anderson, Ian Richard Finlay, Joan Laverne Mitchell, Davey Spencer Thornton
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Datenstromgenerator Data stream generator translated from German
DE 69227553 D1
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International ClassificationH04N7/26, H04N1/41, H03M7/30, H04N1/413, G06T9/00
Cooperative ClassificationG06T9/007
European ClassificationG06T9/00T
Legal Events
9 Dec 19998364No opposition during term of opposition
15 Oct 20098320Willingness to grant licenses declared (paragraph 23)
14 Aug 2012R071Expiry of right
Country of ref document: EP
Ref document number: 528642