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Publication numberDE69131600 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991631600
Publication date14 Oct 1999
Filing date13 Dec 1991
Priority date13 Dec 1990
Also published asCA2098306A1, EP0563259A1, EP0563259A4, EP0563259B1, US5387325, WO1992010277A1
Publication number1991631600, 91631600, DE 69131600 D1, DE 69131600D1, DE-D1-69131600, DE1991631600, DE69131600 D1, DE69131600D1, DE91631600
InventorsJan J Opplt
ApplicantJan J Opplt
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Diskontinuierliches und nichtsequentielles polymergelsystem zur trennung von makromolekülen Discontinuous and non-sequential polymergelsystem for separation of macromolecules translated from German
DE 69131600 D1
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International ClassificationG01N27/447, B01D57/02
Cooperative ClassificationG01N27/44747, G01N27/44773, B01D57/02
European ClassificationG01N27/447C4, B01D57/02, G01N27/447B5
Legal Events
16 Mar 20008332No legal effect for de