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Publication numberDE69129449 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991629449
Publication date18 Feb 1999
Filing date26 Sep 1991
Priority date1 Oct 1990
Also published asCA2069009A1, CA2069009C, DE69129449D1, EP0503059A1, EP0503059A4, EP0503059B1, US5113430, US5317627, US5355403, US5487103, US5581607, US5652785, US5692034, US5835572, US5943403, WO1992006548A1
Publication number1991629449, 91629449, DE 69129449 T2, DE 69129449T2, DE-T2-69129449, DE1991629449, DE69129449 T2, DE69129449T2, DE91629449
InventorsCharles Richardson, Kevin Austin
ApplicantUs Advanced Network Inc
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Grossraum-sprachbeantwortungsnetz Large-spoke network answering translated from German
DE 69129449 T2
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International ClassificationH04Q3/00, H04M3/42, H04M15/00, H04M3/487, H04M3/22, H04M3/493, H04M3/51, H04M3/527, H04M7/00, H04M3/533, H04M3/36, H04M3/38, H04Q3/72, H04M3/50
Cooperative ClassificationH04Q2213/13103, H04Q2213/13091, H04M2215/0108, H04Q2213/13376, H04M3/42059, H04M2215/0116, H04Q3/0016, H04M2215/00, H04M2242/22, H04M3/2281, H04M15/47, H04Q2213/1324, H04Q2213/13299, H04M15/00, H04M3/527, H04M3/36, H04M3/42221, H04Q3/72, H04M2215/0148, H04M3/42042, H04M15/88, H04M3/533, H04M3/4878, H04M3/42102, H04M3/42, H04M15/08, H04Q2213/1313, H04M3/38, H04M3/493, H04M3/4228, H04Q2213/13377, H04M3/53325, H04M3/51, H04M15/745, H04M7/00, H04Q2213/13204, H04M3/382, H04M3/436, H04Q2213/1337, H04Q2213/13095, H04M3/50, H04Q2213/13106, H04M2215/62
European ClassificationH04M3/38A, H04M3/38, H04M3/533N, H04M3/36, H04M3/493, H04M3/533, H04Q3/00D, H04M3/487N6, H04M3/527, H04M15/00, H04M3/42, H04M3/22T, H04M15/88, H04M15/745, H04M15/47, H04M15/08, H04M3/42N, H04M3/50