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Publication numberDE69120931 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991620931
Publication date13 Feb 1997
Filing date16 May 1991
Priority date13 Sep 1990
Also published asDE69120931D1, EP0505511A1, EP0505511A4, EP0505511B1, US5051691, WO1992005452A1
Publication number1991620931, 91620931, DE 69120931 T2, DE 69120931T2, DE-T2-69120931, DE1991620931, DE69120931 T2, DE69120931T2, DE91620931
InventorsChen Wang
ApplicantSamsung Semiconductor Inc
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Leistungsfreie schaltung zur untersuchung von lasersicherungen zur redundanz beim vlsi-entwurf Free power circuit for investigation of laser fuses for redundancy in VLSI Design translated from German
DE 69120931 T2
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International ClassificationG01R31/26, G01R31/28, G01R31/07, H01L21/66
Cooperative ClassificationG01R31/07
European ClassificationG01R31/07