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Publication numberDE69112399 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991612399
Publication date29 Feb 1996
Filing date16 May 1991
Priority date18 May 1990
Also published asCA2083151A1, DE69112399D1, EP0527929A1, EP0527929B1, US5110685, WO1991017900A2, WO1991017900A3
Publication number1991612399, 91612399, DE 69112399 T2, DE 69112399T2, DE-T2-69112399, DE1991612399, DE69112399 T2, DE69112399T2, DE91612399
InventorsVirginia Cross, Cindy Shulman
ApplicantExxon Chemical Patents Inc
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Reibungsarmer und verschleissfester kunststoffüberzug. Low-friction and wear-resistant plastic coating. translated from German
DE 69112399 T2
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International ClassificationC08J5/16, C08L23/06, C08L21/00, C09D123/06, C08L19/00, C08L23/04, B60J1/02, C08L23/16, B60J10/00, B60J10/04
Cooperative ClassificationB60J10/17, C08L2205/025, C08L2205/035, C08L2205/03, Y10T428/31833, C08L23/16, C08L2205/02, C08L23/06, Y10T428/31931, C09D123/06, Y10T428/31855
European ClassificationC09D123/06, C08L23/06, B60J10/00C3