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Publication numberDE69103616 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1991603616
Publication date29 Sep 1994
Filing date19 Nov 1991
Priority date20 Dec 1990
Also published asCA2050544A1, CA2050544C, DE69103616T2, EP0492793A1, EP0492793B1, US5268130, US5401577
Publication number1991603616, 91603616, DE 69103616 D1, DE 69103616D1, DE-D1-69103616, DE1991603616, DE69103616 D1, DE69103616D1, DE91603616
InventorsMichael Seitz
ApplicantStandard Register Co
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Melamine-Formaldehyde Mikroverkapselung in wässriger Lösung welche eine hoche Konzentration organischer Lösungsmittel enthält. Melamine-Formaldehyde microencapsulation in an aqueous solution containing a hoche concentration of organic solvents. translated from German
DE 69103616 D1
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International ClassificationB41M5/165, B01J13/18
Cooperative ClassificationB41M5/165, B01J13/18, Y10T428/2985
European ClassificationB01J13/18, B41M5/165
Legal Events
21 Sep 19958364No opposition during term of opposition
23 Sep 20048339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee