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Publication numberDE69021114 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1990621114
Publication date25 Jan 1996
Filing date19 Apr 1990
Priority date21 Apr 1989
Also published asCA2014808A1, CN1046614A, DE69021114D1, EP0393672A2, EP0393672A3, EP0393672B1, US5128235
Publication number1990621114, 90621114, DE 69021114 T2, DE 69021114T2, DE-T2-69021114, DE1990621114, DE69021114 T2, DE69021114T2, DE90621114
InventorsEustathios Vassiliou, Mario Grossa
ApplicantDu Pont
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Zusatzstoffe, die eine reduzierte Schrumpfung der photohärtbaren Zusammensetzungen gewähren. Additives that allow for reduced shrinkage of the photocurable compositions. translated from German
DE 69021114 T2
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International ClassificationB29K105/24, G03F7/00, B29C35/08, C08F290/00, G03F7/033, C08F2/48, C09D4/00, C08F299/00, G03F7/027, B29C67/00, C08F2/46, G03F7/004
Cooperative ClassificationB29C64/135, G03F7/027, Y10S430/108, B29C2035/0833, G03F7/0037, G05B2219/49013
European ClassificationG03F7/00S, G03F7/027, B29C67/00R2D2