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Publication numberDE631535 T1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1993901121
Publication date24 Aug 1995
Filing date30 Dec 1992
Priority date18 Apr 1991
Also published asDE69225908D1, DE69225908T2, EP0631535A1, EP0631535A4, EP0631535B1, US5180276, WO1994015760A1
Publication number1993901121, 93901121, DE 631535 T1, DE 631535T1, DE-T1-631535, DE1993901121, DE631535 T1, DE631535T1, DE93901121
InventorsRuth Hendrickson
ApplicantBrooks Automation Inc
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Gelenkarm mit übergabevorrichtung. Articulated arm with transfer device. translated from German
DE 631535 T1
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International ClassificationH01L21/67, B25J9/10, B25J9/06, B25J18/00, B25J18/02
Cooperative ClassificationY10T74/20594, H01L21/67, Y10T74/18952, Y10T74/1888, B25J9/107
European ClassificationB25J9/10L2F, H01L21/67