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Publication numberDE60335039 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2003635039
Publication date30 Dec 2010
Filing date20 Aug 2003
Priority date20 Aug 2002
Also published asEP1625458A2, EP1625458A4, EP1625458B1, US6909878, US7551896, US20040203368, US20060014493, WO2004019173A2, WO2004019173A3
Publication number03635039, 2003635039, DE 60335039 D1, DE 60335039D1, DE-D1-60335039, DE03635039, DE2003635039, DE60335039 D1, DE60335039D1
InventorsAmit Haller, Ziv Haparnas
ApplicantIxi Mobile Inc
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Verfahren, system und computerlesbares medium zur bereitstellung eines ausgangssignals mit einem thema für eine einrichtung in einem drahtlosen netzwerk für kurze distanzen A method, system and computer readable medium for providing an output signal with a theme for a device in a wireless network for short distances translated from German
DE 60335039 D1
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International ClassificationH04H60/04, H04Q7/32, H04B5/00, H04B7/00, H04M1/725
Cooperative ClassificationH04L67/303, H04L67/06, H04L67/04, H04M2250/02, H04M1/7253
European ClassificationH04L29/08N5, H04L29/08N3, H04M1/725F1B1, H04L29/08N29T