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Publication numberDE60331794 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2003631794
Publication date29 Apr 2010
Filing date16 Apr 2003
Priority date16 Apr 2002
Also published asCA2481511A1, CA2481511C, CA2642652A1, CA2642653A1, DE60318418D1, DE60318418T2, DE60322600D1, EP1494735A2, EP1494735B1, EP1640027A1, EP1640027B1, EP1920792A1, EP1920792B1, US7166217, US7279107, US7396451, US7413665, US7497944, US7648452, US7708889, US20040026341, US20040104182, US20070084806, US20070084807, US20070255505, US20080314822, US20090127206, WO2003089027A2, WO2003089027A3
Publication number03631794, 2003631794, DE 60331794 D1, DE 60331794D1, DE-D1-60331794, DE03631794, DE2003631794, DE60331794 D1, DE60331794D1
InventorsEmanuel Haellgren, Peter Pihlstedt, Lars Persson, Lars Strandberg, Niclas Hogberg, Brian Holmes, Waeg Geert Van, Frank Corbin Iii
ApplicantCaridianbct Inc
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Verfahren zur Verarbeitung von Blutkomponenten A method of processing blood components translated from German
DE 60331794 D1
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International ClassificationA61M1/36, B04B13/00, A61M1/02, B04B5/00, B04B5/04
Cooperative ClassificationA61M1/262, A61M1/26, A61M1/025, A61M1/3639, B04B2005/045, A61M1/0218, B04B2013/006, B04B5/0428, A61M1/3698, B04B5/0442, B04B2005/0478, A61M1/3633, A61M2205/331, A61M1/3693, A61M1/3696, A61M1/0209, B04B13/00
European ClassificationB04B5/04B4, B04B13/00, B04B5/04C, A61M1/02B, A61M1/36Z
Legal Events
7 Apr 20118364No opposition during term of opposition
4 Jul 2012R082Change of representative
Ref document number: 1920792
Country of ref document: EP
Representative=s name: SCHWABE SANDMAIR MARX, DE