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Publication numberDE60323179 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2003623179
Publication date9 Oct 2008
Filing date22 Apr 2003
Priority date23 Apr 2002
Also published asEP1356774A1, EP1356774B1, EP1987775A1, US7769426, US20030199754
Publication number03623179, 2003623179, DE 60323179 D1, DE 60323179D1, DE-D1-60323179, DE03623179, DE2003623179, DE60323179 D1, DE60323179D1
InventorsJohn A Hibner, Elizabeth L Sebern, Terry D Mccoy, Lynetta J Freeman, Jessica M Pyzoha
ApplicantEthicon Endo Surgery Inc
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Verfahren zur Benutzung einer NMR-kompatiblen Biopsievorrichtung mit abnehmbarer Sonde vor der Biopsie A method for using an NMR-compatible biopsy device with removable probe before the biopsy translated from German
DE 60323179 D1
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International ClassificationA61B17/34, A61B19/00, A61B5/055, A61B10/00, A61B10/02, G01R33/28
Cooperative ClassificationA61B2090/3954, A61B10/0275, A61B17/3403, A61B2090/374, A61B2017/00911
European ClassificationA61B17/34D, A61B10/02P6N
Legal Events
17 Sep 20098364No opposition during term of opposition