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Publication numberDE60319810 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2003619810
Publication date30 Apr 2008
Filing date2 Jan 2003
Priority date31 Jan 2002
Also published asCA2474858A1, CA2474858C, CA2474980A1, CA2474980C, CN1278757C, CN1280001C, CN1625428A, CN1625434A, DE60320542D1, DE60320542T2, EP1483028A2, EP1483028A4, EP1483028B1, EP1483039A1, EP1483039A4, EP1483039B1, US6835311, US6913154, US6953604, US6959820, US6998058, US7008537, US7011753, US7144533, US20030168401, US20030196963, US20030196964, US20030201231, US20030205529, US20030205530, US20030205531, US20030213750, WO2003063996A2, WO2003063996A3, WO2003064013A1
Publication number03619810, 2003619810, DE 60319810 D1, DE 60319810D1, DE-D1-60319810, DE03619810, DE2003619810, DE60319810 D1, DE60319810D1
InventorsEvan E Koslow
ApplicantKx Technologies Llc
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Anschwemmfiltermedien und herstellungs- und verwendungsverfahren Anschwemmfiltermedien and methods of manufacture and use translated from German
DE 60319810 D1
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International ClassificationB01D71/06, C02F1/42, B01J20/24, C12H1/044, A61L9/16, C02F1/44, B01D37/02, A61L2/00, C02F1/28, B01J20/26, B01D39/06, B01D39/16, C12H1/056, B01D39/04, A01N25/26, B01D29/15, B01J20/32, C02F1/76, C02F1/00, F24F3/16, B01D39/18, A61L2/02, B01D39/20, B01J20/28, C02F1/50
Cooperative ClassificationB01J20/3212, B01J20/3293, B01J20/3204, B01J20/3236, B01J2220/42, B01D39/1623, B01D29/15, Y10T428/249978, C02F1/76, B01J20/28023, C02F1/283, C02F2307/04, B01J20/28007, B01D39/18, C02F1/42, Y10T428/249982, A61L2/022, C02F1/001, A61L2/0017, Y10T428/249967, B01J20/28014, A61L2/0082, C02F1/444, B01D37/02, C02F2303/04, C02F1/281, C12H1/0408, B01D39/2017, C12H1/0424, C02F1/003, B01D2201/34, C02F1/505, A61L9/16, B82Y30/00, C02F1/004
European ClassificationB01J20/28B4D, B01J20/28D8, B01J20/28D, B01D29/15, C02F1/00D6, B01J20/32D4D, B82Y30/00, A61L9/16, C02F1/00D4, C12H1/04C4, A61L2/00P2A, B01D39/16B4, B01D39/18, C02F1/44D, A61L2/02F, B01D39/20B4, A61L2/00P4, C12H1/04B, B01J20/32, B01D37/02, C02F1/50B
Legal Events
26 Feb 20098332No legal effect for de