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Publication numberDE602006016770 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200660016770
Publication date21 Oct 2010
Filing date25 Apr 2006
Priority date29 Apr 2005
Also published asCA2605465A1, CA2605465C, CA2751005A1, CN101166780A, CN101166780B, EP1874852A2, EP1874852B1, EP2251372A1, EP2251372B1, US8304599, US9096731, US9637603, US20060244185, US20130030399, US20150314490, WO2006118909A2, WO2006118909A3
Publication number0660016770, 200660016770, DE 2006/60016770 D1, DE 602006016770 D1, DE 602006016770D1, DE-D1-602006016770, DE0660016770, DE2006/60016770D1, DE200660016770, DE602006016770 D1, DE602006016770D1
InventorsArman Ashraf, Daniel Steven Wheeler
ApplicantProcter & Gamble
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Polymerschicht mit verbesserten antiblockeigenschaften und herstellungsverfahren dafür Polymer layer having improved antiblocking properties and manufacturing processes for translated from German
DE 602006016770 D1
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International ClassificationC08J7/04
Cooperative ClassificationY10T428/31591, Y10T428/31786, Y10T428/31725, Y10T428/31779, Y10T428/31551, Y10T428/31801, Y10T428/3179, B29L2007/008, B29K2021/003, B29C47/0898, Y10T156/10, C08J2491/00, C08J7/065, C08J7/047, B29L2007/00, B29C37/0071, B29C37/0067, B29C33/66, B29C33/64, B29C33/62, B29C33/60, B29C33/58, A61F13/51405, A61F13/49413, A61F13/15203
European ClassificationC08J7/04L, A61F13/494A1, A61F13/15J, B29C37/00H, A61F13/514A2, C08J7/06B