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Publication numberDE602005009322 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200560009322
Publication date9 Oct 2008
Filing date27 Jan 2005
Priority date2 Feb 2004
Also published asCA2554872A1, CN1985170A, EP1711816A2, EP1711816B1, US7749693, US20040224298, WO2005074681A2, WO2005074681A3
Publication number0560009322, 200560009322, DE 2005/60009322 D1, DE 602005009322 D1, DE 602005009322D1, DE-D1-602005009322, DE0560009322, DE2005/60009322D1, DE200560009322, DE602005009322 D1, DE602005009322D1
InventorsJohn Brassil, Douglas Schein, Christopher G Curtis
ApplicantOrgan Recovery Systems Inc
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Verfahren zur bestimmung der auswirkungen einer substanz auf ein organ Method for the determination of the effects of a substance to an organ translated from German
DE 602005009322 D1
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International ClassificationA01N1/02, G01N33/50
Cooperative ClassificationG01N33/5082, A01N1/0247, A01N1/02
European ClassificationG01N33/50D2J, A01N1/02, A01N1/02M2P
Legal Events
17 Sep 20098364No opposition during term of opposition