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Publication numberDE60126593 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2001626593
Publication date29 Mar 2007
Filing date6 Apr 2001
Priority date6 Apr 2000
Also published asDE60126593T2, EP1268857A2, EP1268861A2, EP1272670A2, EP1274865A2, EP1274865B1, EP1274866A2, EP1278893A2, EP1360319A2, EP1370685A2, EP2014776A2, EP2014776A3, US7195870, US20030082609, US20030148326, US20030148327, US20030162194, US20040067491, US20040076956, US20050282157, WO2001076451A2, WO2001076451A3, WO2001076451A9, WO2001077164A2, WO2001077164A3, WO2001077164A8, WO2001077375A2, WO2001077375A3, WO2001077375A8, WO2001077376A2, WO2001077376A3, WO2001077376A8, WO2001077377A2, WO2001077377A3, WO2001077377A8, WO2001077378A2, WO2001077378A3, WO2001081622A2, WO2001081622A3, WO2001081622A8, WO2001092565A2, WO2001092565A3, WO2001092565A8
Publication number01626593, 2001626593, DE 60126593 D1, DE 60126593D1, DE-D1-60126593, DE01626593, DE2001626593, DE60126593 D1, DE60126593D1
InventorsAlexander Olek, Christian Piepenbrock, Kurt Berlin
ApplicantEpigenomics Ag
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Diagnose von mit apoptose assoziierten erkrankungen mittels ermittlung des methylierungszustandes von apoptose-assozierten genen Diagnosis of diseases associated with apoptosis by determination of the methylation state of apoptosis-associated antigenic translated from German
DE 60126593 D1
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International ClassificationA61P11/06, A61P13/12, G01N27/62, A61P9/10, C12Q1/48, A61P35/00, A61P7/04, G01N33/566, C07K14/82, A61K31/711, C12Q1/68, G01N33/53, G01N37/00, C12N15/09, A61P29/00, G01N33/483, B01J19/00, A61K48/00, C12M1/00, C07K14/46, C07K14/47
Cooperative ClassificationC12Q2600/154, C12Q2600/156, C07K14/82, C12Q1/6886, C07K14/4703, C12Q1/6883
European ClassificationC07K14/82, C12Q1/68M6B, C07K14/47A1A, C12Q1/68M6
Legal Events
13 Mar 20088364No opposition during term of opposition
19 Feb 20098339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee