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Publication numberDE60114826 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2001614826
Publication date15 Dec 2005
Filing date8 Jun 2001
Priority date9 Jun 2000
Also published asCA2412440A1, CA2412440C, CA2705448A1, CA2705448C, CN1176801C, CN1446147A, DE60114826T2, EP1296814A2, EP1296814B1, US6676589, US7125375, US7850589, US8177701, US8999490, US20020091053, US20040127341, US20070123405, US20090023570, US20110045217, US20110230326, WO2001094107A2, WO2001094107A3, WO2001094107B1
Publication number01614826, 2001614826, DE 60114826 D1, DE 60114826D1, DE-D1-60114826, DE01614826, DE2001614826, DE60114826 D1, DE60114826D1
InventorsKurt Kung, Dieter Schwarz, Dan Coppus
ApplicantRanpak Corp
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Polsterumwandlungsmaschine mit greiferstangen und verfahren zur deren benutzung Cushioning conversion machine with claw poles and methods for their use translated from German
DE 60114826 D1
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International ClassificationB31D5/00
Cooperative ClassificationY10T428/24455, Y10T428/13, Y10S493/967, B31D5/0047, B31D2205/0047, B31D2205/0082, B31F1/0003, B31D5/0043
European ClassificationB31D5/00C1A
Legal Events
30 Nov 20068364No opposition during term of opposition